XSC Presents EWS Episode #7

We open with the usual exuberant and short lived burst of pyrotechnics as the EWS hits Poland for episode #7.

Deloure: ‘Welcome to Belchatow, Poland, for Episode #7 of the European Wrestling Society.’

O’Shea: ‘Good evening folks; this is the Hala Sportowa Arena.’

Deloure: ‘Tonight we see another title decided, but most importantly, the final two competitors in the Pan European Title Tournament will become clear because it’s Semi Final time!’

O’Shea: ‘That’s right! We started with 48 athletes and we are now down to 4. Owen Nothin’, Destruktor, Der Hammer and Gilles Ferraud have all outlasted their opponents and are one match away from the main event at Gold Rush!’

Deloure: ‘Also tonight, we will see the Cruiserweight Title decided in a triple threat ladder match between Ricky Van Awesome, Alex Hauser and Davide Giulietta.’

O’Shea: ‘I expect fireworks from that match! Although I am wondering how many chances Davide Giulietta is going to get to win something!’

Deloure: ‘Our main event will see Team Fuentes, along with a partner of their choosing, taking on the Torvini Family in a family feud match, the winners of which will face the O’Neill brothers for the tag titles at Gold Rush.’

O’Shea: ‘It’s going to be a great night, and our enforcer Max Damage is heading down to ringside, so it must be time to get underway!’

Deloure: ‘Who are you liking for this first semi final Ronan?’

O’Shea: ‘Nothin’ has shown a lot of spirit to get this far, no doubt about it, but I realy can’t look beyond the power of Destruktor.’

Pan European Title Tournament Semi Final Match

Nothin’ is out first, the Polish crowd cheering and applauding him heavily as he makes his way to the ring. They are not so welcoming to Destruktor, but he seems unmoved. He glares at Damage as he walks past him and he enters the ring. The bout begins.

Mid Match Notes:

Destruktor uses his power advantage over Nothin’ keeping the Welsh athlete on the mat and not allowing him to build up any speed or get airborne. Nothin’ shows brief glimpses of offence, hitting Destruktor with a couple of flying forearms and dropkicks to the knee, but all too often his brief spark of attack is halted by a show of strength from the bigger man. Destruktor keeps Nothin’ in the corner as much as he can, wearing him down with heavy strikes about the head and neck, and quelling any attempts to break free with fierce side slams and suplexes. Nothin’ survives two near falls from big boots and a double handed choke drop respectively.

End Match Summary:

Destruktor drives Nothin’ into the corner. He hits him with a forearm, spilling blood from his nose. Destruktor hoists Nothin’ on to the top turnbuckle, before grabbing him around the neck and launching him into the middle of the ring. He goes for a cover and gets a 2 count.

O’Shea: ‘I don’t know how much more punishment Owen Nothin’ can take!’

Deloure: ‘He has shown incredible resiliency throughout this match, but surely there is a limit to his endurance?’

Destruktor lifts Nothin’ to his feet, and signals to the crowd that he’s about to finish it.

O’Shea: ‘Here it comes! Smash! It must be all over!’

Destruktor has Nothin’ up on his shoulders, but Nothin’ is fighting back! He hits him across the head a couple of times, and rolls forward, using his momentum to roll into a pin! 1…2…3!! Nothin’ scores the pin!

O’Shea: ‘Oh my god! This is incredible! Did you see that?’

Deloure: ‘I’m in shock. Owen Nothin’ has surely pulled off the biggest shock of the tournament!’

Winner via pinfall: Owen Nothin’ @ 12:11

Nothin’ has his hand raised briefly by the referee before rolling out of the ring under the ropes hastily, Destruktor having got to his feet and looking for revenge. The referee becomes the unfortunate victim as he is hit with Smash by the massive Greek, before Max Damage enters the ring and breaks up the situation.

EWS Television Champion Ivana is walking backstage. She is approached by Teresa Campos.

Campos: ‘So, you think you’re something special do you? You think that you’re some kind of prodigy, the novice who became champion?’

Ivana: ‘I never said that, but I’m happy to be where I am.’

Campos: ‘Well I advise you enjoy that while it lasts, because I’ve signed an agreement with Marcus Lever to be your opponent at Gold Rush, and I’ll be prying that title from your hands, Britney Spears.’

Ivana squares up to Campos.

Ivana: ‘I’m not scared of you. You haven’t won a single match yet, so I think it is I who will be walking away the victor.’

Jean-Francois Saure appears at the end of the hall. The girls stop arguing and look at him.

Saure: ‘It’s idiots like you that make this company a laughing stock. You will pay for this, mark my words.’

Monica and Jose Fuentes are standing alongside backstage interviewer Anna Morales.

Morales: ‘Monica, you look very confident tonight ahead of your family feud match with the Torvini family.’

Monica: ‘I am, and rightly so. We have consistently proved that we have the upper hand over those wannabe mafia.’

Morales: ‘Harsh words! You don’t think they’ll make you regret them?’

Monica: ‘No chance!’

Morales: ‘Jose, as you know, should you win this match you will face the O’Neill brothers at Gold Rush. How do you feel about that?’

Jose: ‘The O’Neills are big, but we are faster and deceptively strong. I think it would be a hard match, but I am more focussed on defeating the Italians first.’

Morales: ‘With tonight in mind, have you chosen your team mate yet?’

Jose: ‘Yes, we have. Would you like to meet him?’

Morales: ‘I think everybody watching does!’

Jose: ‘Here he is…’

Jose: ‘…Mr Erik Gustavssson.’

Deloure: ‘Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. We are just about ready for our second semi final of the night.’

O’Shea: ‘Oh yes, this is the big one! The big question remains whether or not the vicious attack by Der Hammer two weeks ago has softened up the Frenchman.’

Deloure: ‘It was a cowardly attack, and Der Hammer knew exactly what he was doing when he assaulted Gilles Ferraud in the parking lot.’

O’Shea: ‘He certainly had his Pan European Title hopes at the forefront of his mind when he went on that rampage!’

Deloure: ‘Well it won’t be long until we find out how badly Ferraud was hurt, here comes Der Hammer.’

Pan European Title Tournament Semi Final Match

Der Hammer is out to the ring first, flexing his muscles and playing up to the crowd, who boo him loudly. He leans nonchalantly in the corner and awaits the arrival of Gilles Ferraud. The Frenchman appears at the top of the ramp, left shoulder and chest heavily bandaged.

O’Shea: ‘Well I guess that answers the questions about Ferraud’s physical state!’

Mid match notes:

Der Hammer starts aggressively, using his power and hitting Ferraud with arm wrenches and shoulder blocks in a bid to target the damaged area. Ferraud infuriates the German by countering his clumsy approach with technical superiority, catching Der Hammer with a couple of suplexes and drop toe holds. Der Hammer gains the upper hand for much of the mid part of the match, and earns the wrath of the crowd by attempting to belittle his opponent.

End Match Summary:

Der Hammer launches Ferraud into the corner, before charging and hitting him with a ferocious shoulder block. He kicks him in the midsection before landing a vicious uppercut. Ferraud stumbles out of the corner. He hits Der Hammer with several open palm shots, preferring to use his right hand as he clearly suffers with pain from his injured shoulder. Der Hammer looks to wipe him out with a clothesline, but Ferraud ducks. He spins around and hooks him up for the Godzilla! But he doesn’t have the strength to follow up, letting Der Hammer break free. He hits the Hammer Blow! The cover! 1…2…3! It’s over!

O’Shea: ‘He’s done it, Der Hammer is in the final! And he’s facing Owen Nothin’!’

Deloure: ‘Can this brute really become our first Pan European Champion? His tactics so far have been nothing short of underhanded. This does not sit well with me.’

Winner via pinfall: Der Hammer @9:34

We cut backstage where Davide Giulietta is preparing for his match with a few stretches. Ricky Van Awesome leans around the door.

Van Awesome: ‘So, getting another chance are you?’

Giulietta: ‘What did you say?’

Van Awesome: ‘I simply commented on the fact you’re getting another chance. You couldn’t beat the Londoner in the weapons match, and you couldn’t beat me at King of the Castle. Oh yeah, and you lost to the popstar chick for the TV Title. Yet here you are, with another chance. Tell me, what have you been doing backstage?’

Giulietta: ‘How dare you? You want a…’

Van Awesome: ‘I’ll see you in the ring champ.’

Deloure: ‘It looks like we’re going to get a fired up Davide Giulietta tonight!’

O’Shea: ‘It’s about time a rocket was lit under his ass. How does he keep getting these shots?’

Deloure: ‘Perhaps he won’t need anymore after winning this one! Let’s find out how it goes.’

Triple Threat Ladder Match for EWS Cruiserweight Championship

Alex Hauser’s high energy entrance is greeted with enthusiasm by the fans. Van Awesome appears a mixture between nonchalant and hyped as he wanders down the ramp in his leather jacket. Davide Giulietta, flexing his pecs and biceps, however, is less than graciously received. Max Damage observes them entering the ring and the match is underway.

Mid Match Notes:

The match starts off at a ridiculous pace, the three competitors hitting arm drags, dropkicks, lariats and springboard attacks all over the place. Giulietta drills Hauser with a brainbuster suplex, and climbs on to the top turnbuckle. He is about to launch himself for an elbow drop on to Hauser when Van Awesome hits an unbelievably high dropkick on him! Giulietta is launched backwards and falls through the announce desk!

O’Shea: ‘Woah! I think Giulietta is out of commission!’

Deloure: ‘I agree with you on this one Mr O’Shea.’

Van Awesome hits a springboard moonsault on Hauser, who kicks out at two. Hauser and Van Awesome put on a complete spot fest, hitting each other with flipping DDTs, flying elbows and senton splashes. Midway through, Van Awesome gets the ladder into the ring, and both competitors reach the top, only to find the ladder falling away beneath them as they both hold on to the belt. They both lose their grip at the same time, crashing to the mat.

End Match Summary:

Van Awesome sets up the ladder, and begins to climb. Hauser crawls back into the ring. He springs up the ladder behind him and German Suplex! Van Awesome hits the deck hard. Hauser is on his feet and begins the climb. Van Awesome begins to stir, Hauser has a hand on the belt and can see Van Awesome below. He grabs the ladder between his legs and flings it towards Van Awesome! He’s knocked down! Hauser unbuckles the belt and drops to the mat!

O’Shea: ‘He’s done it! Alex Hauser is the first ever EWS Cruiserweight Champion!’

Deloure: ‘That was a brilliant match, truly epic.’

Winner: Alex Hauser @ 19:36

Hauser celebrates in the ring, and enjoys a handshake with Van Awesome as EMTs assist Davide Giulietta up the ramp and backstage. Simon Emerald appears on stage.

Emerald: ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Now, could you tell me if you enjoyed that last match?’

The crowd roar in approval. Emerald addresses Van Awesome and Hauser.

Emerald: ‘So gentlemen, it appears you have pleased the fans. How would you like to please them all over again?’

Hauser and Van Awesome look at each other.

Emerald: ‘What about Van Awesome v Hauser at EWS Gold Rush?’

The crowd cheer as the two competitors shrug shoulders at each other. The roof erupts as they look at Emerald and nod their agreement in unison.

O’Shea: ‘Van Awesome versus Hauser at Gold Rush! Fantastic!’

Deloure: ‘That is going to be a great match.’

Hans Schmidt and Anna Pinot are seen talking backstage, when out of nowhere they are jumped by Natasha and Jean-Francois Saure!

Natasha is screaming like a mad woman as she hurls Pinot against the wall before smashing her head repeatedly against it as Saure hits Schmidt over the head repeatedly over the head with his crutch. Natasha grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays the two with foam as they lie slumped against the wall. She laughs and runs off as Saure surveys the scene.

Deloure: ‘What on earth was that about?! Those ‘purists’ are out of control – they all need to be banned, not just Vita Sagrinovich!’

O’Shea: ‘They don’t seem to know what they’re doing! They’ve just been picking on people at random. I must say I struggle to see their point.’

Deloure: ‘Their randomness is your issue?’

O’Shea: ‘What?’

Deloure: ‘Here’s Marco Antonelli to confirm the details of the main event!’

Antonelli: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Team Fuentes have confirmed that Erik Gustavsson will be teaming with them for the main event, which is officially an Elimination Tag Match!’

The crowd cheers.

Antonelli: ‘Competitors can be eliminated via pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification, and the team of the last man or woman standing is the winner!’

Family Feud 6 Person Elimination Tag Match

Team Fuentes and Gustavsson are out first, enthusiastic in their entrance and receiving a great welcome. The Torvini family are barely at the top of the ramp when they are rushed by their opponents and the match is on!

Match Summary:

Gustavsson and Marco Torvini are in the ring, Gustavsson uses his power to gain the advantage, but a couple of quick illegal blows and Torvini has the upper hand. He whips Gustavsson but is reversed. Gustavsson clotheslines him over the top and follows him out. They brawl on the outside, and seem oblivious to the referee counting. Torvini is shoved into the barricade, Gustavsson looks to return to the ring but Torvini trips him and hits him with the Pizza Cutter on the rebound, just as the referee reaches 10!

Marco Torvini and Erik Gustavsson eliminated

Celia Torvini is in the ring and charged by Monica Fuentes. Fuentes takes her down with a spear and begins hitting her with some hard shots to the face and neck. Torvini is back to her feet, and ducks a clothesline before looking for the mafia kick and missing. Fuentes takes her legs out with a scorpion kick before hitting a couple of quick elbows and a leg drop. Fuentes lifts Torvini to her feet and launches her against the ropes. She spins her around and hits a drop toe hold, leaving her perched on the middle rope and ready for the Hispaniola! Fuentes covers for the pin and gets the three!

Celia Torvini eliminated

Before Fuentes is even back to her feet, Gianni Torvini is on her. He turns her around and hits the Sicilian Surprise! He pins her for the 3!

Monica Fuentes eliminated

Jose Fuentes is in the ring, and he and Gianni lock up. Torvini gets the upperhand and gets in some stiff shots. He flings Gianni into the corner, following him in and hitting him with a heavy clothesline. Torvini takes Fuentes down to the mat with an armbar take down and hits him with some stomps. He locks in a half Boston Crab, and Fuentes has to stretch to get to the ropes, Torvini holding on as long as he can without being disqualified. He drags Fuentes to his feet and looks for a snap suplex, but Fuentes locks his leg and reverses, hitting his own suplex. Torvini gets to his feet and swings wildly but Fuentes ducks and hits his own version of the Sicilian Surprise!

O’Shea: ‘Ouch, his own move! That’s gotta hurt!’

Fuentes springs to the top rope and launches himself, hitting El Toreador! He gets the 3 count!

Deloure: ‘They’ve done it! Team Fuentes are going to be fighting for the Tag Championships at Gold Rush!’

Monica Fuentes and Erik Gustavsson get into the ring to celebrate with Jose as Torvini rolls away and trudges up the ramp.

Winners: Team Fuentes @ 16:34

Seamus and Jimmy O’Neill appear at the top of the ramp, applauding Team Fuentes.

O’Shea: ‘Looks like the O’Neills are applauding their soon to be opponents. They are noble Irish boys!’

Deloure: ‘It’s a nice sentiment, I’ll give them that.’

Out of nowhere the O’Neills are attacked from behind by Team Switzerland!

Giulietta hits Jimmy with the Swiss Army Knife and L’Enson hits Seamus with the Neutrality before they stand above their victims. L’Enson takes the mic.

L’Enson: ‘Enjoy your match at Gold Rush boys and girls, because whoever wins will have to deal with us.’

He throws the mic to the floor and the show closes with Team Switzerland standing triumphant to a chorus of boos.

XSC Presents EWS Episode #6

Fireworks dazzle the audience from the stage as Ronan O’Shea and Tamara Deloure step out to be enthusiastically welcomed by the Slovakian crowd in the Samsung Arena, Bratislava. They take their seats at the announce desk.

Deloure: ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to EWS Episode 6, brought to you by the Extreme Sports Channel.’

O’Shea: ‘Evening folks, and welcome to Slovakia. We have the quarter finals of the Pan European Title Tournament for you tonight.’

Deloure: ‘That’s right, we’re not far away from finding out who the very first top champion in EWS will be. We will also see our very first EWS champions crowned tonight, as we close the show with two six person matches.’

O’Shea: ‘Personally, I can’t wait to see the bring your own weapons hardcore match!’

Deloure: ‘I had a feeling that you would be looking forward to that. Personally, the excitement of a 6 person ladder match for the Television Title has me eager to get on with the show.’

O’Shea: ‘Well it looks like we’re ready to go. Here comes Natalya Onoreva, last woman standing in the Title Tournament.’

Deloure: ‘Can she pull of the biggest surprise of the tournament and defeat the giant Destruktor?’

O’Shea: ‘My prediction: No.’

Max Damage makes his way out to the ring, and waits at ringside for the action to begin.

O’Shea: ‘The enforcer is here! Send out the big man and we’re underway!’

Pan European Title Tournament Quarter Final Match

Onoreva bounds around  the ring, enjoying the reception of the crowd and making sure to high five excited fans, and hug children in the front row. The cheers turn to boos as the massive Destruktor hits the ramp and heads to the ring looking focussed.

Mid Match Notes:

Onoreva offers up enthusiasm in bucket loads to Destruktor. She manages a couple of ‘hit and run’ attacks with kicks and punches, and manages to punch her way out of an attempt at Smash by Destruktor, but the big Greek takes control and grinds her down with some heavy clotheslines and boots.

End Match Summary:

Onoreva stumbles out of the corner after a vicious Irish whip from Destruktor. He kicks her in the midriff, she doubles over, and he lifts her into the air to deliver the Smash! After the second powerbomb, he nonchalantly leans over her and the referee counts the 3!

Winner via pinfall: Destruktor @ 4:02

With the bell ringing furiously, Destruktor lifts Onoreva to her feet and looks to hit another Smash. The crowd boos loudly as he lifts her above her head, but he is cut off by Max Damage, who pulls her down and orders Destruktor to the back. Destruktor thinks about it for a second, but decides against striking the enforcer before heading up the ramp. Onoreva is cheered by the crowd as Damage lifts her to her feet, when the lights suddenly go out.

O’Shea: ‘What the hell is going on?’

The big screen above the stage buzzes into life, and a dark room is shown, lit up by flickers of candle light. A figure is standing against the wall. Closer inspection reveals that it is Scampy Burns. There is a wound on his forehead, and his wrists and ankles are chained to the wall in the crucifix position. The camera moves in on him.

Burns: ‘Let me out of here you freaky bastard! Seriously, I believe you! Just…what are you doing? No…don’t…’

The camera drops to the floor and we hear Burns screaming before the screen cuts out and the lights turn back on.

O’Shea: ‘Where the hell was Burns? Who’s holding him captive?’

Deloure: ‘I don’t think we’re going to find out any time soon Ronan. He hasn’t been seen in EWS since we all caught a glimpse of his feet being dragged around a corner.

Deloure: ‘Welcome back to ringside folks, it’s time for the Pan European Title Tournament Quarter Finals to continue.’

O’Shea: ‘I expect these two fellas to leap about like men possessed!’

Pan European Title Tournament Quarter Final Match

Hauser is first into the ring, sprinting down the ramp and sliding across the canvas. He pauses briefly before Nothin’ appears, clapping to the rhythm of his entrance music before he struts down to the ring.

Mid Match Notes:

Hauser and Nothin’ hit each other hard and fast. Hauser dominates first off, hitting Nothin’ with a series of kicks, rounding of with a dropkick into the corner and a monkey flip. Nothin’ hits back with some high flying offence of his own, reversing an Irish whip into a springboard dropkick and going on the attack with a series of suplexes, ending his attack with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a near fall. The two exchange cross bodies and both hit the deck for a short period after causing each other to fall from the top turnbuckle.

End Match Summary:

Hauser blocks a right from Nothin’ and whips him against the ropes, cutting his return journey short with a clothesline and elbow drop. Hauser springs into life, leaping on to the top turnbuckle in one swoop and launching himself for the Wunderfall! Nothin’ rolls out of the way though, and heads for the top turnbuckle himself, hitting The Dragon and covering for the pin…1…2…3! It’s over!

Winner via pinfall: Owen Nothin’ @ 7:57

Deloure: ‘Owen Nothin’ advances to the semi finals, where he will face the mighty Destruktor! Can the Welsh cruiserweight go all the way?’

O’Shea: ‘He’s certainly impressed so far, we’ll see in two weeks time if he’s destined for the top.’

Deloure: ‘Speaking of destined for the top, let’s take a look back to EWS King of the Castle 2011. The event in the Ukraine was a huge success. The O’Neill brothers confirmed that they will be fighting for the title at Gold Rush, and Ricky Van Awesome won a 4 person elimination match for the opportunity to represent EWS in the 2011 CWC Ascension tournament. This is how it happened!’

Fatal Four Way – Elimination Rules

The four competitors make their way to the ring, Van Awesome drawing in the love of the crowd, Campos seeming unaffected, Torvursson relishing in his hostile reception and Hierro leaping over the guard rail from within the bowels of the arena.

O’Shea: ‘Hierro really is a strange one…’

The bell rings and the action is underway. Torvursson locks up with Van Awesome, and Hierro is attacked by a rabid Campos. She lunges at him, practically hissing as she forces him into the corner. She catches him with a vicious slap and Hierro, taken aback by the ferocity of the attack, is then caught with a vicious kick to the abdomen. He slumps into the corner and Campos charges, but Hierro reacts and hoists Campos clean over the turnbuckle and out of the ring. She appears to catch him in the face with her knee, and he slumps to the mat.

Van Awesome takes Torvursson to the mat with a DDT, before hitting a standing moonsault for a near fall. Both athletes get back to their feet, Torvursson about to nail Van Awesome with a clothesline when he’s cut off with a running neckbreaker from Ignacio Hierro. Van Awesome covers Torvursson again, another 2 count. Hierro spins Van Awesome around…spinebuster! He rolls through, flipping over Van Awesome for an acrobatic 2 count. Torvursson interjects, kicking Hierro in the chest as he gets up, forcing him to stumble on to his back, his heading bouncing off of the bottom rope. Campos is on her feet and grabs Hierro from the outside, dragging his head under the rope so that she can hit a series of vicious elbow strikes as, in the centre of the ring, Torvursson reverses a suplex attempt to hit a snap suplex of his own on Van Awesome. He stomps away at Van Awesome and then drops a couple of quick elbows.

Hierro gets to his feet and Campos is up on the apron. She looks to guillotine him on the top rope, but Torvursson drop kicks Hierro in the back, knocking Campos off of the apron and pushing Hierro against the ropes chest first. He spills awkwardly back into the ring and Torvursson hits a reverse DDT for a 2 count. Van Awesome is on his feet and leaning in the corner. He explodes from his predatory position and takes Torvursson down with a spear! Hierro is on his feet and throws Van Awesome out of the ring through the ropes and pins Torvursson for another near fall.

O’Shea: ‘Someone has to go soon!’

Torvursson lies prone and Hierro looks for a springboard moonsault, but Campos grabs the middle rope, and Hierro slips awkwardly, one leg either side of his intended target. Campos takes her chance, and waits on the apron and hits the Algarve Flip! Hierro kicks out at 2 though, and Campos can’t believe it! Torvursson takes her down with a clothesline, and hits the rising Hierro with Ol’ Faithful! He gets the pin for 3!

Deloure: ‘Ignacio Hierro is done for the night!’

Ignacio Hierro Eliminated

Van Awesome slides back into the ring and hits a spinning heel kick on Torvursson, before heading to the top rope and signalling for spikes! He launches himself for the flipping elbow drop, but somehow Torvursson pulls Campos on top of him so she takes the brunt of the move! Torvursson pushes her off of him and covers her! 1…2…3!

O’Shea: ‘Well she’s out of it.’

Teresa Campos Eliminated

Van Awesome and Torvursson stare each other down, Torvursson signalling that he will be the one to win. Van Awesome smiles and the two lock up, Torvursson overpowering the Dutchman and forcing him into the corner. He drives his shoulder repeatedly into the abdomen of Van Awesome before petulantly slapping him and hitting a dropkick to the knee. Van Awesome spills forward, writhing on the floor and holding his knee. Torvursson heads to the middle rope, mocking Van Awesome briefly before going for a leg drop that Van Awesome evades. Torvursson slams his palm on to the mat in frustration and drags a hobbling Van Awesome to his feet. Van Awesome drops him to the mat with a jawbreaker though, much to the crowd’s satisfaction. Torvursson is dazed, but meets an onrushing Van Awesome with a sidewalk slam. He claps his hands together, trying to garner some support, but only hears amplified boos.

Deloure: ‘I think it’s safe to say the Kristian Torvursson is not a crowd favourite…’

Torvursson roughly shoves Van Awesome into the corner and again subdues him with a series of elbow and forearm strikes, finishing with a knee to the gut. He hoists him on to the top turnbuckle and climbs up to follow.

O’Shea: ‘This could be it! Top rope Ol’ Faithful! Van Awesome looks spent!’

Torvursson signals for his finisher and launches himself, but Van Awesome holds on to the ropes, sending Torvursson awkwardly to the mat!

Deloure: ‘He’s reversed it!’

The noise in the arena heightens as Van Awesome slowly gets to his feet, grinning as he stands on the top turnbuckle. He points to his mohawk…

O’Shea: ‘Spikes!’

…and launching into the air for his flipping elbow drop! He lands on Torvursson and remains in situ for the pin! 1…2…3!

Deloure: ‘He’s done it! Ricky Van Awesome will represent The European Wrestling Society at CWC Ascension 2011!

Winner via pinfall: Ricky Van Awesome @ 16:23

O’Shea: ‘I can’t believe it! He outlasted the other three and is off to the Nevada for the 2011 tournament!’

O’Shea: ‘Can Van Awesome bring CWC Gold to the EWS? You’ll have to tune in to find out.’

Pan European Title Tournament Quarter Final Match

Mid Match Notes:

O’Neill continues measured aggression, while being wary of getting caught in Der Hammer’s bear like grip. He utilizes his mobility advantage to hit Der Hammer with a running neckbreaker, following up with a pattern of stomping while he’s down, and hitting him with running moves such as neckbreakers and clotheslines while he’s up. Der Hammer strikes back with infrequent but powerful blows, including a monstrous backbreaker and side slam.

End Match Summary:

O’Neill looks for the clothesline, Der Hammer ducks. O’Neill is quick to spin around and catches Der Hammer with a strong right hand. He backs up on to the ropes for a bit of propulsion and goes for the Down It! Der Hammer ducks and uses O’Neill’s momentum to propel him into the ropes. He manages to tie his leg up, and while O’Neill is trapped he rains several vicious blows on his head and neck. The referee untangles O’Neill’s leg and, to a chorus of boos, Der Hammer hits the Hammer Blow and goes for the cover…1…2…3!

Deloure: ‘That’s right folks, CWC Ascension begins soon. Here is some NBC coverage, following the dramatic events at the end of CWC:25.’

NV – Last night on CWC’s broadcast of CWC: 25, the end of the show went to static as an explosion from somewhere rocked your living room TV screens. Here’s what you didn’t see.

OmniBurn, a Natural Gas Drilling Company, has been drilling in the area for methane, trapped inside deep shale deposits underground. These are akin to something more well known, like Marcellas Shale in Pennsylvania. They have been using a technique called hydraulic fracturing, to break the shale and release the methane. Last night, the methane underground exploded, causing severe structural damage to the CWC Arena. Thankfully, only a few people sustained minor injuries. the 60,000+ people in attendance and the 1000+ staff were largely unharmed, and evacuated safely.

CWC Executive shareholder Caleb “T-Bone” Marshal released a comment on the situation.

“We here at The Championship Wrestling Council would like to apologize to all our fans, our staff, and our family for the events that transpired this past Saturday. We here at CWC would never preform a stunt that would intentionally endanger any of our fans or staff in such a way that this accident has caused.”

Dr. Natalie Cooke, a geologist from the University of Colorado, had this to say…

“We know that methane triggered the underground explosion. The dangers of hydraulic fracking is that once released into the soil table, methane is unpredictable in how it disparates. Hydraulic fracking uses dangerous chemicals some of which oil companies refuse to release to the public. We have seen a link in the past between ground water contamination of methane and the drilling for natural gases. It’s no surprise to me methane got into the arena’s underground storage. Frankly, we were lucky that the accident wasn’t more severe.”

A spokesperson for OmniBurn could not be reached.

For loyal CWC fans, what does this mean? CWC is hosting it’s 2011 Invitational without a home. Still, sources from within CWC hint at a new plan for this event. For NBC I’m Charlie Cable.

Deloure: ‘Welcome back again ladies and gentlemen. Our final quarter final match is up next.’

O’Shea: ‘Ferraud had some strong words for Der Hammer before christmas, I wonder if he has the skills to back them up. If he defeats El Gato Grande, he’ll be facing the big German in the semi finals.’

Deloure: ‘It’s time to find out Ronan.’

Pan European Title Tournament Quarter Final Match

El Gato Grande is first out to the ring, not receiving a very welcoming reception from the crowd. The French veteran is much more hospitably received, however, and the match gets underway.

Mid Match Notes:

El Gato Grande tries to use his power and weight advantage over Ferraud to the get the upperhand, using strong clotheslines, suplexes and slams to subdue the Frenchman. Each time the Spaniard thinks he is taking control, Ferraud uses his technical ability to reverse a hold or take El Gato to the mat, locking him in holds and slowing the match down. Ferraud works on the left leg of the Spaniard after locking him in an early figure four.

End Match Summary:

El Gato lunges at Ferraud, looking to take him down with a shoulder charge. Drop toe hold from the Frenchman! He locks in the figure four, El Gato struggles to the ropes, but clearly feels the pain. He pulls himself up and faces off against Ferraud. He looks for a fierce right forearm but Ferraud is quick, spinning the Spaniard round and hoisting him over his head for the Godzilla! 1…2…3! Ferraud is into the semi finals!

Winner via pinfall: Gilles Ferraud @ 6:43

As Ferraud celebrates in the ring, Max Damage is taken out from behind by Der Hammer with a chair!

Der Hammer is into the ring and takes Ferraud out too! He picks up a mic.

Der Hammer: ‘You think that your so called superior French intelligence is enough to beat me? You are wrong, and I will prove it to you beyond doubt in two weeks time! Why don’t you take a seat? You look tired.’

Der Hammer brings the chair crashing down on to Ferraud’s ribs several times before Damage and some security staff are able to enter the ring and remove the German from the ringside area. Ferraud is helped out by EMTs as the crowd looks on nervously.

O’Shea: ‘I had a feeling that Der Hammer might do something like that, he certainly doesn’t like people challenging him.’

Deloure: ‘He’s pathetic, and needs to be punished. He should be thrown out of the tournament for this!’

O’Shea: ‘That would devalue the tournament! He’s beaten other superstars to get to the final four!’

Deloure: ‘He needs to follow the rules!’

O’Shea: ‘Which is precisely what the next six competitors don’t have to do! It’s hardcore championship time! And it’s bring your own weapons!’

6 Man Hardcore Title Match – Bring Your Own Weapon

Henderson is first out to the ring, eager to get going with his cricket bat. McCallister comes out next, with a trusty piece of 2×4. Next out come O’Neill with a chair and Fuentes with a golf club. Achvili receives a warm reception, entering with a kendo stick, and Torvini is out last with a metal chain. The bell rings and the carnage gets underway.

Mid Match Notes:

Fuentes and Torvini go for each other straight away. Their fight spills out of the ring and the weapons are soon forgotten as they take to using fists. McCallister and Henderson take on O’Neill and Achvili. During the match, Marco Torvini and Monica Fuentes enter the fray, joining in the family feud, and Seamus O’Neill runs in to come to his brothers aid as he is attacked two on one by McCallister and Henderson after Achvili is taken out with a brutal strike from Henderson’s cricket bat.

End Match Summary:

The Torvini and Fuentes clans are distracted by each other. Both O’Neills are down, Seamus having been thrown through a table and Jimmy getting a 2×4 cracked over his head. McCallister is in the ring with Henderson. Henderson swings with the cricket bat. McCallister puts his arm up to block it, and instantly regrets it, yelping in pain. Henderson moves in and hits the West Ham Welcome! McCallister is down! 1…2…no! Achvili is back on his feet and pulls Henderson off of the Scot! The two exchange blows, Achvili looks for a running dropkick but Henderson ducks and it hits McCallister who has stood up behind him! McCallister tumbles through the ropes and Achvili turns around to be smashed with a cricket bat! He crumbles to the mat and Henderson covers him! 1…2…3! Henderson wins!

Winner via pinfall and NEW EWS Hardcore Champion: Harry Henderson @ 14:31

O’Shea: ‘Oh my god! He’s done it! Henderson is the first EWS Superstar to win a belt!’

Deloure: ‘And you can certainly say he’s done it the hard way with that epic match!

The  commentators continue to talk as the ring is cleared of debris and the Television Title hung above the ring for the main event.

Deloure: ‘Well, episode 6 has been an amazing night!’

O’Shea: ‘It certainly has! We now know the semi final line up of the Pan European Title Tournament.’

Deloure: ‘Destruktor of Greece will take on Owen Nothin’ of Wales, in what truly is a David and Goliath situation. Nothin’ gives away a lot of weight and power in that bout.’

O’Shea: ‘And Gilles Ferraud of France takes on Der Hammer of Germany, and you can’t help but feel that Der Hammer has softened up his opponent tonight with those chair shots.’

Deloure: ‘A dirty, underhanded tactic if ever I saw one. It looks like it’s time for the main event!’

6 Person Ladder Match for the EWS Television Title

The competitors make their way out to the ring for the final match of the night. Prince Frederic is out without his Royal Guard, apparently aware of the rules after Damage’s intervention before Christmas. Giulietta and Favier do not receive favourable receptions, but Gustavsson and Nesinho are well received as they make their way to the ring. The biggest cheer, however, is reserved for Slovakian native Ivana, who enthusiastically leaps and bounds about, drinking in the rapturous welcome.

Deloure: ‘A great reception for local girl Ivana! Perhaps the support of her fellow Slovakians can spur her on to victory here!’

O’Shea: ‘I think that’s unlikely, although I like the idea. She is the most outside of outside shots for this match.’

The bell rings and we are underway.

Mid Match Notes:

Fast and frantic action. Ivana is hit early on with the Hit N’ Run by Favier, taking her out of commission. Gustavsson takes hold of the match in the early stages, the first athlete to bring a ladder into the ring, using it to lay waste to the other competitors. His ascent to the belt is halted by Prince Frederic however, pulling the big man down from the ladder, before himself being taken down by Giulietta. Favier comes close to grabbing hold of the belt, but is taken down acrobatically by Nesinho, the Czech athlete leaping from the turnbuckle and hitting an amazing dropkick.

End Match Summary:

Gustavsson is in the ring with a ladder, he takes out Prince Frederic, knocking the Monaco athlete out of the ring over the top rope. He plants the ladder in the centre of the ring and begins to climb. Giulietta scrambles into the ring under the bottom rope and drags him down. The two exchange blows, Gustavsson quickly getting the advantage. The crowd roar as Ivana is on her feet! She looks dazed as she stumbles towards the ring. Favier sees her on her feet and looks for the spear, but she dodges and puts him into the ring steps! The crowd go wild. She reaches under the ring and grabs a chair, hitting over the head four or five times before raising her fist to the sky! In the ring meanwhile, Gustavsson forces Giulietta to the corner, knocking him on his ass with a fierce knee to the midsection. He turns and walks into a dropkick from Nesinho, who immediately looks to bound up the ladder. Gustavsson reacts by getting to his feet and barging the ladder over! Nesinho gets crotched on the top rope and falls awkwardly out of the ring! Gustavsson resets the ladder and begins to climb, but is cut off by a chair shot to the back from Giulietta! The big man drops to the canvas and Giulietta cracks him over the head, drawing blood as he drops to his knees. He’s about hit him again when Ivana hits him over the back with her chair. He turns and walks into a Mic Check! Giulietta is down! Ivana starts to climb the ladder! She grabs the title and unbuckles it! Ivana is the Television Champion!

O’Shea: ‘Oh my god! This is unbelievable!

Deloure: ‘Listen to the crowd! The local girl has done it!

Winner and NEW EWS Television Champion: Ivana @ 15:32

Ivana holds the title aloft and the crowd is mental! A ripple of boos fill the arena though, as Jean-Francois Saure and Natasha appear at the top of the ramp.

Saure: ‘Congratulations Ivana, you have succeeded in making the EWS a complete laughing stock. Rest assured, you will not get away with this!’

He drops the mic to a chorus of boos and turns to leave.

Deloure: ‘The rotten scoundrel! He couldn’t even let Ivana enjoy a momentous title win in her own  country!’

O’Shea: ‘What will the fallout from this be? See you in two weeks to find out folks!’

First EWS PPV Announced!

The name, date and venue of the first EWS Pay Per View has been confirmed.

All titles will be on the line in the very first major EWS Show. Details on the matches and competitors will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

EWS King of the Castle 2011

Fireworks shoot into the roof space of the Illichivets Arena in Mariupol, Ukraine, and Ronan O’Shea, in full medieval wizard costume, steps out on to the stage to great applause. Tamara Deloure follows, dressed in a princess costume, and the two take up their seats at the announce desk.

Deloure: ‘Welcome to the Ukraine ladies and gentlemen, for the first ever EWS King of the Castle!’

O’Shea: ‘Good evening folks!’

Deloure: ‘Tonight, we take a break from the feuds and politics of the fortnightly show for a special evening.’

O’Shea: ‘That’s right. Tonight we have just two matches on the card, but each with a significant prize at stake.’

Deloure: ‘The first match is a tag match between the O’Neill brothers and a mystery team, with a match against either the Torvinis or the Fuentes’ at stake; a match which will see the first ever EWS Tag Team Champions crowned.’

O’Shea: ‘The second match is a four way dance for the right to represent EWS in the CWC Ascension 2011 Tournament. Kristian Torvursson, Teresa Campos, Ricky Van Awesome and Ignacio Hierro will face off to see who carries the torch as the company’s first ever representative in a large scale tournament.’

Deloure: ‘We will also hear from Stefanie Klinger, who has promised that tonight she will reveal her punishment for Jean-Francois Saure and Natasha, who on CWC Episode #5 were responsible for an attack on new EWS Enforcer Max Damage. It looks like the boss has some words for the crowd to kick us off!’

The attention of the crowd is drawn to the stage, where Marcus Lever appears from behind the curtains.

Lever has a mic in his hands.

Lever: ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the Ukraine, and thank you for the warm welcome we have received in your fantastic country.’

He waits for the cheers of the crowd to die down before continuing.

Lever: ‘We are privileged to bring you the first ever EWS King of the Castle event. As you all know, there are some serious prizes up for grabs for our athletes tonight, and if you love the show as much as we hope you do, it will pave the way to make this a regular event. Now, without further ado, please let me introduce Stefanie Klinger, who has an announcement to make for all of you.’

Lever walks back behind the curtain, passing the microphone to Stefanie Klinger as she enters with Max Damage.

Klinger brings the microphone to her mouth.

Klinger: ‘As you know, ladies and gentlemen, I have been tasked with bringing some order to the EWS, and preventing our unruly superstars from getting involved with each others matches.’

Klinger begins walking down the ramp, from the castle set, down to the ring, Max Damage in tow.

Klinger: ‘My idea of hiring Max here to enforce the rules at ringside was, for the most part, a success on Episode #5. However, there were still some bad apples amongst the group. I am of course referring to Jean-Francois Saure and Natasha. I’ve already suspended their partner in crime Mr Sagrinovich until our first PPV, but I have yet to announce their punishment. Could you please come to the ring?’

The crowd boos as Saure, using a crutch, and Natasha head down the ramp to the ring. They climb in and stand on the opposite side of the ring to Klinger and Damage.

Klinger: ‘I have decided on your punishment, do you want to hear it?’

Natasha and Saure look at each other and nod.

Klinger: ‘Very well. Tonight, the O’Neill brothers are without confirmed opponents. I have decided who they will be.’

The crowd noise builds in anticipation of what is clearly to come.

Klinger: ‘Natasha, Jean-Francois, you will face the O’Neill brothers tonight.’

The two look at each other in panic, Saure waving his crutch to Klinger, signifying that he is unable to compete.

Klinger: ‘Mr Saure, you did not seem to have any problem with your fitness when attacking Max here, so I suggest you do some stretches, as the O’Neills are on their way!’

The crowd cheer loudly as the O’Neill brothers appear at the top of the ramp, and Klinger exits the ring. Damage takes up his position at ringside and courteously welcomes the Irish brothers to ringside.

O’Shea: ‘This is crazy, Saure is clearly not up to this!’

Deloure: ‘I have to agree with Klinger really Ronan, he was fit enough to help Sagrinovich deal with Max Damage in Hungary!’

O’Shea: ‘Typical women’s union!’

EWS Tag Team Championship Contender Match

Jimmy and Seamus enter the ring looking confidently, playing a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine that Seamus will start off against Natasha.

The bell rings and the match is on, Natasha flying wildly at Seamus, but he soon has it under control, using his strength to keep Natasha at arms length. He hits her with a DDT, and tags in Jimmy, who flings her against the ropes and hits a running powerslam for a two count. He lifts her to her feet and looks for a grapple, but she scratches his face with her fingernails, drawing blood just below his eye. Jimmy is momentarily taken aback, giving Natasha time to get across to her corner and attempt to tag in Saure. She tags him but he tags her back, pointing to his leg. She tags him again and yells at him to get into the ring, the crowd booing at a ridiculously high volume, Saure tentatively steps through the ropes and takes a swing for the onrushing Jimmy O’Neill, who ducks, rebounds off of the ropes and hits the Spear Tackle! As he goes for the cover, Natasha is into the ring, breaking up the count. Seamus gets involved too and fights her off. Saure gets to his feet too, hitting Jimmy with a low blow while the referee focusses on the other two competitors. The crowd yell for the referee’s attention as Saure leans over the ropes to grab his crutch!

Deloure: ‘He’s going for the crutch! He has to be stopped!’

O’Shea: ‘He’s injured, perhaps he is having trouble standing?’

Deloure: ‘I don’t think that’s likely Ronan.’

Saure raises the crutch above his head to hit Jimmy but is cut off by a Down It from Seamus! Jimmy kicks the crutch out of the ring and goes for the cover as Natasha is literally picked up and dropped over the top rope by Seamus! 1…2…3!

Deloure: ‘There we have it! The O’Neills have put themselves in the tag team title match!’

O’Shea: ‘Where they will represent Ireland proudly I’m sure!’

Winners via pinfall: The O’Neill Brothers @ 3:16

Jimmy and Seamus celebrate with a brotherly hug as Saure rolls out of the ring and hobbles up the ramp after Natasha, highlighting his reliance on the crutch.

O’Shea: ‘That Frenchman looks annoyed, I expect him to have a moan sometime soon!’

Press conference from T-Bone at CWC Headquarters, Middle of Nowhere, Nevada.

It’s official, spread the word. The Championship Wrestling Council will once again play host to the biggest sports extravaganza in the world, The CWC Ascension Invitational. T-Bone on behalf of CWC had this to say.

‘After the huge commercial success of the tournament last year, it was a no-brainer to ink the deal to once again to initiate the Ascension Invitational. This time we are going bigger than ever! Once again we got the big badasses sponsoring us and yes whether they like it or not I’m insulting them, because they’ll get a big payday either way whether I praise them or not.’

‘Trust me, we aren’t doing the same old thing. That would be too easy. No, The Ascension Invitational will be a 3 month contest as we pit the world’s best on CWC’s stage. It starts with the two night opening round special, and continues on through the winter and spring.”

‘We aren’t some underground tournament of death. When we do things, we do things big! While I cannot reveal any spoilers, I promise it’ll be exciting for fans and wrestlers alike. Tickets go on sale January 2nd, and they’ll probably sell out fast to keep your asses up for an extra hour after CWC: 25 to purchase.’

‘As for our wrestlers I offer this word of advice. Man up, or don’t show up. We won’t take under achievers. We won’t take failures. We want the biggest and baddest names in the industry, not some green asshole looking to break through by winning this tournament. That ain’t happening fools. Sorry to burst your bubble.’

Deloure: ‘Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. We are just moments away from finding out who will represent EWS at CWC Ascension 2011.’

O’Shea: ‘That man T-Bone does hype well, I’m genuinely excited about the prospect of one of our guys or gals going up against the best there is.’

Deloure: ‘It looks like Marco Antonelli is about to announce the bout.’

Marco Antonelli, dressed as a medieval nobleman, is in the ring with a microphone.

Antonelli: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for your main event, and I am pleased to announce that this fatal four way will be an elimination match! Competitors can only be eliminated via pinfall, submission or disqualification.’

Deloure: ‘Oh, this is going to be exciting!’

O’Shea: ‘Last man or woman standing goes to Ascension!’

CWC Ascension Qualifying Match

Fatal Four Way – Elimination Rules

The four competitors make their way to the ring, Van Awesome drawing in the love of the crowd, Campos seeming unaffected, Torvursson relishing in his hostile reception and Hierro leaping over the guard rail from within the bowels of the arena.

O’Shea: ‘Hierro really is a strange one…’

The bell rings and the action is underway. Torvursson locks up with Van Awesome, and Hierro is attacked by a rabid Campos. She lunges at him, practically hissing as she forces him into the corner. She catches him with a vicious slap and Hierro, taken aback by the ferocity of the attack, is then caught with a vicious kick to the abdomen. He slumps into the corner and Campos charges, but Hierro reacts and hoists Campos clean over the turnbuckle and out of the ring. She appears to catch him in the face with her knee, and he slumps to the mat.

Van Awesome takes Torvursson to the mat with a DDT, before hitting a standing moonsault for a near fall. Both athletes get back to their feet, Torvursson about to nail Van Awesome with a clothesline when he’s cut off with a running neckbreaker from Ignacio Hierro. Van Awesome covers Torvursson again, another 2 count. Hierro spins Van Awesome around…spinebuster! He rolls through, flipping over Van Awesome for an acrobatic 2 count. Torvursson interjects, kicking Hierro in the chest as he gets up, forcing him to stumble on to his back, his heading bouncing off of the bottom rope. Campos is on her feet and grabs Hierro from the outside, dragging his head under the rope so that she can hit a series of vicious elbow strikes as, in the centre of the ring, Torvursson reverses a suplex attempt to hit a snap suplex of his own on Van Awesome. He stomps away at Van Awesome and then drops a couple of quick elbows.

Hierro gets to his feet and Campos is up on the apron. She looks to guillotine him on the top rope, but Torvursson drop kicks Hierro in the back, knocking Campos off of the apron and pushing Hierro against the ropes chest first. He spills awkwardly back into the ring and Torvursson hits a reverse DDT for a 2 count. Van Awesome is on his feet and leaning in the corner. He explodes from his predatory position and takes Torvursson down with a spear! Hierro is on his feet and throws Van Awesome out of the ring through the ropes and pins Torvursson for another near fall.

O’Shea: ‘Someone has to go soon!’

Torvursson lies prone and Hierro looks for a springboard moonsault, but Campos grabs the middle rope, and Hierro slips awkwardly, one leg either side of his intended target. Campos takes her chance, and waits on the apron and hits the Algarve Flip! Hierro kicks out at 2 though, and Campos can’t believe it! Torvursson takes her down with a clothesline, and hits the rising Hierro with Ol’ Faithful! He gets the pin for 3!

Deloure: ‘Ignacio Hierro is done for the night!’

Ignacio Hierro Eliminated

Van Awesome slides back into the ring and hits a spinning heel kick on Torvursson, before heading to the top rope and signalling for spikes! He launches himself for the flipping elbow drop, but somehow Torvursson pulls Campos on top of him so she takes the brunt of the move! Torvursson pushes her off of him and covers her! 1…2…3!

O’Shea: ‘Well she’s out of it.’

Teresa Campos Eliminated

Van Awesome and Torvursson stare each other down, Torvursson signalling that he will be the one to win. Van Awesome smiles and the two lock up, Torvursson overpowering the Dutchman and forcing him into the corner. He drives his shoulder repeatedly into the abdomen of Van Awesome before petulantly slapping him and hitting a dropkick to the knee. Van Awesome spills forward, writhing on the floor and holding his knee. Torvursson heads to the middle rope, mocking Van Awesome briefly before going for a leg drop that Van Awesome evades. Torvursson slams his palm on to the mat in frustration and drags a hobbling Van Awesome to his feet. Van Awesome drops him to the mat with a jawbreaker though, much to the crowd’s satisfaction. Torvursson is dazed, but meets an onrushing Van Awesome with a sidewalk slam. He claps his hands together, trying to garner some support, but only hears amplified boos.

Deloure: ‘I think it’s safe to say the Kristian Torvursson is not a crowd favourite…’

Torvursson roughly shoves Van Awesome into the corner and again subdues him with a series of elbow and forearm strikes, finishing with a knee to the gut. He hoists him on to the top turnbuckle and climbs up to follow.

O’Shea: ‘This could be it! Top rope Ol’ Faithful! Van Awesome looks spent!’

Torvursson signals for his finisher and launches himself, but Van Awesome holds on to the ropes, sending Torvursson awkwardly to the mat!

Deloure: ‘He’s reversed it!’

The noise in the arena heightens as Van Awesome slowly gets to his feet, grinning as he stands on the top turnbuckle. He points to his mohawk…

O’Shea: ‘Spikes!’

…and launching into the air for his flipping elbow drop! He lands on Torvursson and remains in situ for the pin! 1…2…3!

Deloure: ‘He’s done it! Ricky Van Awesome will represent The European Wrestling Society at CWC Ascension 2011!

Winner via pinfall: Ricky Van Awesome @ 16:23

O’Shea: ‘I can’t believe it! He outlasted the other three and is off to the Nevada for the 2011 tournament!’

Deloure: ‘Well folks, that’s all for EWS King of the Castle 2011. I think this has been a great success; let’s hope that Marcus Lever agrees and we can do it all again next year! Good night!’

King of the Castle 2011 Preview

EWS King of the Castle 2011 takes place on January 1st in the Ukraine.

The first match of the evening will see the O’Neill Brothers face a mystery team for the right to take part in the first ever CWC Tag Teeam Championship Match, against either the Torvinis or the Fuentes’ on the first EWS PPV.

The main event will see four EWS superstars square off in a fatal four way for the right to represent EWS at CWC Ascension 2011. Who out of Kristian Torvursson, Ignacio Hierro, Teresa Campos or Ricky Van Awesome will prevail?

Stefanie Klinger has also announced that she has decided on a punishment for Natasha and Jean-Francois Saure after their role in an attack on EWS Enforcer Max Damage in Hungary, and she will announce her decision live in the Ukraine.

Be sure to tune in as EWS starts 2011 with a bang!

XSC Presents EWS Episode #5

Ronan O’Shea and Tamara Deloure take their seats at the announce desk as EWS Episode #5 kicks off from the Fonix Csarnok Stadium in Debrecen, Hungary.

O’Shea: ‘Welcome to EWS Episode #5 folks! Tonight we bring you round 3 of the Pan European Title Tournament. Tonights competitors are one match away from the quarter finals!’

Deloure: ‘That’s right Ronan. Two weeks ago we saw Jenny Lund, Seamus O’Neill, Ivana, Der Hammer, Gilles Ferraud, Chris Matthews, El Gato Grande and Prince Frederic advance to round 3. All of these guys will be in action tonight, and we have a jam packed show.’

O’Shea: ‘Hopefully packed with wrestling action after last weeks meeting between Marcus Lever and Simon Emerald!’

Deloure: ‘That’s right; continued ‘misbehaviour’ from his superstars led company CEO Marcus Lever to discuss a possible solution with his advisor Simon Emerald. What will it be? We’ll probably soon find out! It’s time to get underway.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 3 Match

Mid match notes:

Coneeicao hits a strong spinebuster, maintaining his momentum. Onoreva whipped into the corner, reverses attempted elbow charge. Conceicao comes back with a delayed suplex, near fall. Abdominal stretch by Conceicao, Onoreva doesn’t submit. Onoreva taken down with DDT, near fall.

End summary:

O’Shea: ‘It looks like Conceicao has got this one in the bag. He hits it! Roar of the Lion!’

The ref goes to count the 3 but is distracted at ringside by Didier De’Salle!

Conceicao sees De’Salle, tries to swipe at him, misses. De’Salle on to the apron. Conceicao charges at him, but the Belgian pulls the referee in the way! Referee down, De’Salle is in the ring. Ducks a forearm and hits the Legendary! Conceicao is down, De’Salle drags Onoreva on top and climbs out of the ring. He leans in and slaps the referee awake. 1..2..3! Win for Onoreva!

Winner via pinfall: Natalya Onoreva @ 6:22

O’Shea: ‘Natalya Onoreva advances to the quarter finals of the tournament!’

Deloure: ‘With some serious help from Didier De’Salle!’

O’Shea: ‘I think that’s karma for what happened two weeks ago!’

Deloure: ‘I think this is exactly the kind of thing that Marcus Lever doesn’t want!’

Stefanie Klinger appears at the top of the ramp.

O’Shea: Wow! We haven’t seen her since she was brutally beaten by Loic Favier!’

Klinger: ‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and good evening to you Mr De’Salle. Congratulations, you are the final wrestler in EWS to get away with interfering in a match. I have been appointed by Simon Emerald to find a solution to the inherrent  behavioural problems of several of the company employees, and I believe I have found one. May I introduce the new EWS Enforcer, Max Damage!’

O’Shea: ‘Oh boy, things just got serious!’

Klinger: ‘As of now, Mr Damage is the only person permitted at ringside during matches, and has free reign to do whatever he deems necessary to maintain order. Do you have anything to add, Mr Damage?’

Max Damage simply flexes his muscles and smirks.

Deloure: ‘Well there you have it! EWS has an Enforcer!’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 3 Match

Mid Match Notes:

A battle of power and strength. Spine buster followed by elbow drop for Dvorak, looks for Polish Pride but Destruktor evades and hits reverse neckbreaker. Big boot from Destruktor, miss leg drop, dropkick to the chest from Dvorak. Running knee strike into DDT from Dvorak, 2 count. Destruktor counters offense with a monstrous clothesline and furious stomping.

End Match Summary:

Deloure: ‘This has been an intriguing battle between two of the most dominant stars in the EWS here!’

O’Shea: ‘It’s not over yet, I think there will be a twist yet!’

Dvorak hits Destruktor with a clothesline, taking the big Greek down. He locks in an ankle lock! Destruktor fights to break free, eventually wriggling to the ropes! He climbs up on to his feet and…Polish Pride from Dvorak! The big Greek is down, 1..2…no! Destruktor drapes his leg over the bottom rope, no fall!

Deloure: ‘Dvorak almost completed a massive victory there!’

Dvorak up to his feet, he drags Destruktor up too. He hooks him up for a snap suplex, but Destruktor rolls him up! 1..2..3!! He wins, the big Greek competitor advances!

O’Shea: ‘He’s pulled it out of the bag!’

Deloure: ‘I’m looking at the replay Ronan…and he definitely had a hold of Dvorak’s tights! He’s cheated his way through!’

Dvorak is in the ring, furious. He shoves Destruktor, who laughs at him. Dvorak is about to fly, but Max Damage steps into the ring and instructs him to leave. Destruktor mockingly enjoys the fans hostilities as he leaves behind him.

Winner via pinfall: Destruktor @ 9:21

EWS Advisor Simon Emerald is sitting in his office. The camera pans round to reveal that he is joined by Jose and Monica Fuentes.

Jose: ‘So I guess you’ve made your point with the Enforcer you have prowling the ring. You want us to leave the slimy Torvinis alone?’

Monica: ‘That’s not going to happen Mr Emerald. Are you going to give us a chance to settle this?’

Emerald: ‘As a matter of fact I am. But you first have to agree to respecting the way in which Max and Stefanie will be controlling the ringside area.’

Jose: ‘That all depends on what you’re offering us.’

Emerald: ‘A fair compromise I guess. Well here it is. You, Monica and a partner of your choice againstthe Torvinis on EWS Episode #7. January 22nd, in Poland, it will be Family Feud v1.0, and to mix it up, I’ll give the winning team a shot at the Tag Titles.’

The siblings look at each other.

Jose: ‘Ok Mr Emerald, you have yourself a deal. Thank you.’

Emerald: ‘A pleasure of course.’

Deloure: ‘Welcome back to ringside folks, where new EWS Enforcer Max Damage is making his presence felt.

Davide Giulietta has made his way down to the ring with Scott L’Enson, and Max Power is insisting that L’Enson heads back up the ramp. Despite his protests, L’Enson folds, and disappears behind the curtain.

O’Shea: ‘Max Power made his mark there. Perhaps this idea will work after all!’

Deloure: ‘It’s Max Damage Ronan.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 3 Match

Mid match notes:

High paced action. Arm drag followed by monkey flip on Giulietta, Giulietta is back with flying lariat and fisherman suplex, near fall. Giulietta with a dropkcick, forces Hauser over the top rope. Hauser holds on though, and pulls himself back over as Giulietta gloats. Hauser on the offensive, striking with lefts and rights, spinning heel kick and leg scissors hold. Giulietta manages to get back to his feet, reverses attempted clothesline into neckbreaker, Hauser stumbles into a dropkick. Giulietta in control, Hauser looks for a cross body, Giulietta does the splits and drops to the mat! Hauser unsteady, Swiss Army Knife! Hauser gets his foot on the rope at 2!

End match summary:

Giulietta puts Hauser in the corner, hits him with shots to the head and gut. Hauser is lifted on to the top turnbuckle, Giulietta climbs on to the top rope, he poses for the crowd and sets himself for the hurracanrana. Hauser blocks by holding on to the ropes, Giulietta is down! Wunderfall by Hauser! He lands it! 1…2…3!

Winner via pinfall: Alex Hauser @ 5:22

Morgan Schieber is backstage with Gilles Ferraud.

Morgan: ‘Mr Ferraud, you signalled your intentions with a victory over the impressive youngster Ignacio Hierro two weeks ago; what do you have to say to your fellow EWS competitors and the fans watching at home?’

Ferraud: ‘I proved two weeks ago that experience is an invaluable asset in this business. Despite Hierro’s undoubted promise, I used his enthusiasm and naivety against him to transform the result into one favouring myself.’

Morgan: ‘Do you consider yourself a contender for the Pan European Championship?’

Ferraud: ‘I am just one victory away from the quarter finals, how could I not?’

Morgan: ‘And who do you think is the biggest threat to you winning the title?’

Ferraud: ‘I am afraid of nobody, and I have a message for Der Hammer. You don’t scare me with your bully boy tactics and stupidly big muscles. When I meet you in the ring, there can only be one outcome.’

Deloure: ‘Gilles Ferraud firing a warning shot to Der Hammer there!’

O’Shea: ‘I don’t think that’s wise.’

Deloure: ‘Perhaps he is more confident of being protected from sneak attacks and match interference now that we have an enforcer at ringside?’

O’Shea: ‘That’s a good shout I guess. Anyway, it’s time for my favourite family, the Torvinis!’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 3 Match

Nothin’ heads down to the ring first, acknowledging the presence of the enforcer before enjoying his reception from the crowd. Boos ring around the arena as Marco, Gianni and Celia Torvini head down the ramp. Max Damage allows Celia through to the ring but stands in front of Marco and Gianni, blocking their way. The Italian brothers get very worked up about it.

O’Shea: ‘Looks like our enforcer may have a test on his hands!’

Marco pushes Damage, who squares up to the Italian cruiserweight. Gianni hovers, ready to strike, and Damage waves somebody in from the back.

Deloure: ‘Here comes trouble!’

Monica and Jose Fuentes run down the ramp and spin Marco and Gianni around. They exchange lefts and rights and with the help of Max Damage, they usher the Torvinis up the ramp. Damage motions to the referee to start the match.

The bell rings, and Celia looks terrified as Nothin’ moves towards her. He backs her into the corner, and goes to grab her. She ducks underneath him and looks to run away, but Nothin’ grabs her as she tries to flee and hits a reverse DDT!

O’Shea: ‘This one is all over, Celia Torvini cannot take a hit.’

The cover…1…2…3!! Nothin’ wins!

Winner via pinfall: Owen Nothin’ @ 0:31

We’re backstage with Anna Morales, who is with Swedish competitor Jenny Lund.

Morales: ‘Jenny, can I ask how your friend and tag team partner Erik Gustavsson is doing?’

Lund: ‘He’s a little banged up, he took a lot of punishment last week.’

Morales: ‘Is he in the building tonight?’

Lund: ‘He is not. It won’t matter too much, he would not be allowed at ringside anyway, not with the new enforcer.’

Morales: ‘And do you trust Max Damage to prevent any further attacks on you by Natasha or any of her purist colleagues?’

Lund: ‘The purists? Is that what they are calling themselves? Unbelievable. Natasha should follow my advice and stay away from me, she won’t like what happens if she comes after me again.’

Lund pushes past Morales to head to the ring.

Pan European Title Tournament Round 3 Match

O’Neill is first out to the ring, his brother not accompanying him. He waves to the crowd as Lund makes her way out to big cheers. She heads down to the ring, nodding at Max Damage en route, and gets into the ring. The bell rings and we’re underway.

O’Neill is caught out by the initial speed of Lund, getting caught with a couple of arm drags and a dropkick before climbing to his feet to recompose himself. He locks up with Lund, and overpowers her into the corner. She fights back with a couple of elbows, and strides towards him, but he takes her down to the mat with a spine buster.

Deloure: ‘Not these jokers again!’

The crowd voice their displeasure as Jean-Francois Saure and Vita Sagrinovich walk down the ramp. Saure is walking with a crutch. They are met at ringside by Max Damage, who orders them to leave. They shrug their shoulders and turn to go, but Saure spins around and take Damage down with his crutch!

Deloure: ‘This is despicable! Is there nothing that these imbeciles respect?’

O’Shea: ‘I’m gonna go with a no for that one.’

Sagrinovich stomps Damage down to the ground, and Saure steps back to watch. In the ring, O’Neill has Lund up on his shoulder and slams her to the mat. He turns around and is greeted by Natasha sliding through the ropes, chair in hand!

She crashes it over his head, causing the referee to call for the bell…and disqualify Lund!

Winner via DQ: Seamus O’Neill @ 2:36

Lund gets to her feet and looks at Natasha in a rage, but is also cracked over the head with the chair. O’Neill slowly gets to his feet, but is stopped from grabbing the chair from Natasha as Sagrinovich reaches under the ropes to grab his legs, toppling him over.

O’Shea: ‘Here comes the family!’

Jimmy O’Neill sprints down the ramp. He spears Saure to the ground before going after Sagrinovich. A brawl erupts between Damage, O’Neill and Sagrinovich, with the Irishman and the enforcer managing to subdue the Russian. Natasha, meanwhile, exits the ring and clambers up through the crowd. Sagrinovich and Saure are halfway up the ramp, and Seamus O’Neill helps Lund to her feet in the ring, when Stefanie Klinger appears on stage.

Klinger: ‘Mr Saure, Mr Sagrinovich and Natasha, you have broken the rules and you shall be punished. Mr Sagrinovich, you are hereby suspended from EWS Episodes 6 and 7. You shall be barred from the building by security. Mr Saure, you and your Irish colleague shall receive alternative punishment, and you shall be informed of this between now and episode 6. Now please kindly leave the ring area so we may proceed with the show.’

Deloure: ‘It looks like Ms Klinger is enjoying the role that she has been given by the owner!’

O’Shea: ‘Who wouldn’t? She has the power!’

Saure and Sagrinovich are in heated debate as we cut backstage to where Olga Novenko is in a corridor with Scampy Burns.

Novenko: ‘Does this really work on the girls in your country Mr Burns?’

Burns: ‘All I’m saying is give me a chance. One drink, that’s all.’

Novenko: ‘I think that would be one drink too many, don’t you?’

Novenko looks as if she is about to leave when Dimitri walks around the corner. Novenko’s attitude towards Burns suddenly changes, and she leans in and kisses him on the cheek.

Novenko: ‘See you later, darling.’

Novenko glares at Dimitri as she walks by him to leave. Dimitri walks up to the smiling Scotsman.

Dimitri: ‘I’d be very careful with that one, if I were you.’

Burns: ‘I can handle my womens, don’t you worry about that pal!’

Dimitri shakes his head and departs, and Burns leaves in the opposite direction. A short scuffle is heard, along with the sound of a weapon of some kind hitting the floor. The camera spins around to see Burns’ feet being dragged away around the corner. Back to ringside.

O’Shea: ‘Doesn’t look good for the smiling Scotsman!’

Deloure: ‘Very well observed Ronan! Ivana is in action next.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 3 Match

Ivana is first out to the ring, her enthusiasm and lively entrance whipping the crowd into a frenzy. She high fives kids in the front row, as well as Max Damage, and climbs into the ring, stretching against the ring post as the crowd turns it attention to the ramp. Der Hammer revels in the hostile welcome he receives, flexing his muscles and smirking at Max Damage as he slowly makes his way to the ring. He stands in his corner, staring at Ivana, as the bell rings.

Ivana charges at the big German, arms flailing. Der Hammer simply plants his hand on her shoulder and shoves her to the mat. Ivana is back up again though, and once again her excitable charge is greeting with a shove to the deck. She goes again, and catches Der Hammer across the face with an open hand. His demeanour immediately changes to a more serious one as he strides forward, grabs Ivana around the neck and hits the Hammer Blow!

O’Shea: ‘That was absolutely brutal.’

Deloure: ‘I hope he’s enjoyed himself, beating up a small woman.’

O’Shea: ‘He certainly looks like he’s enjoyed it!’

Der Hammer looks down at the motionless body of Ivana, and places his foot on her chest as the referee counts the three.

Winner via pinfall: Der Hammer @ 1:03

Deloure: ‘Der Hammer heads to the quarter finals.’

O’Shea: ‘There was never going to be any other result in that match. Ivana has done well since debuting, but facing the big German was a step too far.’

We’re backstage with Marcus Lever, sitting in his office opposite Tony Smith.

Smith: ‘I respect you in your position as owner of the company Marcus, but this is really a decision that I should have at least been involved in.’

Lever: ‘So you disagree with the decision Tony?’

Smith: ‘As it happens, I think it’s a good idea. It keeps the focus on the wrestling and makes for some good entertainment, but I don’t want to set a precedent where you and Emerald go over my head with wrestling decisions. I am the wrestling consultant after all.’

Lever: ‘That’s true Tony, and I respect your honesty. Max Damage will stay, and Simon and I will attempt to involve you further in future decisions. For the record, we are happy with how the show is progressing so far.’

Smith: ‘I’m glad you feel that way.’

O’Shea: ‘Am I the only one that noticed a bit of tension in that meeting room?’

Deloure: ‘For once I think you’re being quite perceptive Ronan, there is definitely a level of discomfort between the owner and the founder of the company. It will be interesting to see where this leads. Anyway, next up we will see Gilles Ferraud of France, who earlier suggested that he is a contender for the Pan European Title, against Chris Matthews of England, who has defeated Anna Pinot and Jose Fuentes to get this far.

Pan European Title Tournament Round 3 Match

Mid match notes:

Ferraud counters Matthews’ fast and high flying style with technical wrestling, slowing the competition down with a variety of holds. He focuses on the upper body, locking Matthews in a series of abdominal stretches and arm wrenching holds. Matthews gains the upper hand, reversing a blocked superkick into an enziguiri. Ferraud is taken down with a spinning heel kick, followed with a dropkick to the chest as he sits on the mat. Matthews continues to dominate, with fast paced arm drags knocking Ferraud to the floor, followed up with a standing senton splash and near fall. Ferraud works his way back into the match by using his power advantage, and takes control by dropkicking Matthews out of the air as he is mid flight looking for a cross body.

End match summary:

Matthews goes for the clothesline, Ferraud ducks and spins around, taking Matthews out with a jawbreaker. He lifts Matthews to his feet, whips him into the corner. Matthews looks to push off of the turnbuckle and lift himself over the onrushing Ferraud, but the veteran anticipates, stopping his run and taking s step back before drilling Matthews with the Godzilla! The referee counts the 3 and Ferraud is victorious!

Winner via pinfall: Gilles Ferraud @ 7:43

Deloure: ‘Another impressive showing from Ferraud there, he really has showed his experience and guile in his first two EWS matches.’

O’Shea: ‘I’ll say! He absolutely drilled Matthews with that suplex, a great win.’

Deloure: ‘Well, with one match left on the show, we can look ahead to New Years Day, when we will see the first ever EWS King of the Castle!’

O’Shea: ‘That’s right, a six person battle royal will decide who competes in the CWC Invitational 2011, as well as a tag match to decide who will compete with either the Torvinis or Fuentes’ for Tag Team gold in February.’

Deloure: ‘Then on January 8th, we will see episode 6, and the lineup looks like this:

Pan European Title Tournament Quarter Finals

Natalya Onoreva (Russia) v Destruktor (Greece)

Alex Hauser (Germany) v Owen Nothin’ (Wales)

Seamus O’Neill (Ireland) v Der Hammer (Germany)

Gilles Ferraud (France) v The winner of tonights final match

6 Man Bring Your Own Weapon Match for the EWS Hardcore Title

Harry Henderson (England) v Gianni Torvini (Italy) v Jose Fuentes (Spain) v Jimmy O’Neill (Ireland) v Hamish McCallister (Scotland) v Alexander Achvili (Georgia)

Ladder Match for the EWS Television Title

Prince Frederic (Monaco) v Ivana (Slovakia) v Davide Giulietta (Switzerland) v Loic Favier (Belgium) v Erik Gustavsson (Sweden) v Nesinho (Czech Republic)

Some great matches to look forward to in the new year!’

O’Shea: ‘Agreed!’

Deloure: ‘Ok, on to our final match of the evening!’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 3 Match

As we wait for the match to begin, a line of security makes its way out from behind the curtain and flanks the ramp, organised by Max Damage.

Deloure: ‘I think I know what he’s doing here, this is smart.’

O’Shea: ‘Over kill for the Spanish fella isn’t it?’

Deloure: ‘I think this is more likely and attempt to counter Prince Frederic’s Royal Guard, don’t you Ronan?’

O’Shea: ‘Ah, clever.’

Prince Frederic appears at the top of the ramp, Royal Guard in tow. The security guys step forward, blocking the guard. Prince Frederic looks panicked as he is the only one allowed past the blockade. The Royal Guard try to impose themselves, but a brawl breaks out, and Prince Frederic watches from the ring as Max Damage heads to the stage to join the fight. El Gato Grande, meanwhile, strolls nonchalantly past the rumble and into the ring. The bells rings and he stalks Prince Frederic.

O’Shea: ‘It’s not looking good for Prince Frederic now!’

Frederic runs at the big Spaniard but is met with a strong boot to the head, and is then scooped off the mat and hit with The Cream! He covers for the 3!

Winner via pinfall: El Gato Grande @ 0:41

Deloure: ‘El Gato Grande does it, he will face Gilles Ferraud in the quarter finals after Christmas!’

O’Shea: ‘I’m actually looking forward to that match!’

As El Gato Grande celebrates in the ring and we cut to the parking lot. Gilles Ferraud is seen putting his bag in the back of a black BMW. He turns to leave and is jumped by Der Hammer, who strikes him across the head with a baseball bat!

Der Hammer: ‘There is no enforcer out here Frenchman! You honestly think you have what it takes to beat me?! I don’t think so!’

The show ends with the image of Der Hammer standing over the body of Gilles Ferraud.

EWS News and Notes 09/12; CWC Invitational 2011, Tag Titles, TV Title

The Championship Wrestling Council Invitational 2011

As a proud member of the CWC, the EWS has a spot in the 2011 Invitational Tournament. With 48 superstars on the roster, there is a selection issue. EWS Wrestling Consultant Tony Smith has worked with CEO Marcus Lever and, according to his personal website, come up with the following:

Once a year, on New Years Day, will be EWS King of the Castle. Each year will feature a main event with a prize at stake, and a supplementary match. On January 1st 2011, EWS King of the Castle will take place from the Sportkompleks Illichivets indoor arena in Mariupol, Ukraine, and will feature a 4 way match for the chance to represent EWS in the CWC 2011 Invitational, and a match between The O’Neill brothers and mystery opponents for the right to face the winners of the Fuentes/Torvini family feud match for the tag Titles on the first EWS PPV of the year, yet to be named, on February 5th, from the CEZ Arena in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

EWS Television Title

On EWS Episode #3, Wrestling Consultant Tony Smith confirmed that 6 matches would be chosed at random from Episode #4 and #5, and that the losers of these matches would face off on Episode #6 for a shot at the Television Title. It has been confirmed that the match will be a ladder match and the competitors will be as follows:

Loic Favier (Belgium)

Erik Gustavsson (Sweden)

Nesinho (Czech Republic)

The loser of Prince Frederic (Monaco) v El Gato Grande (Spain)

The loser of Ivana (Slovakia) v Der Hammer (Germany)

The loser of Alex Hauser (Germany) v Davide Giulietta (Switzerland)

It will certainly be an interesting match.

XSC Presents EWS Episode #4!

EWS Episode 4 kicks off in the Sala Polivalenta Arena, Bucharest, with a performance from Romanian Rock band Iris, playing their record ‘Vino cu mine’ (translation: Come with Me). The crowd in attendance are loud and excitable as Tamara Deloure and her commentary partner Ronan O’Shea make their way to their announce desk, ready for the action to begin.

Deloure: ‘Welcome to EWS Episode 4 here on the Extreme Sports Channel ladies and gentlemen! We come to you from the Sala Polivalenta Arena here in Bucharest, Romania, and we have a jam packed card for you.’

O’Shea: ‘That’s right folks, tonight sees the completion of Round 2 of the Pan European Title Tournament.’

Deloure: ’48 superstars will be reduced to 16 after tonight’s action as we head in to round 3 of the tournament. We’ve had some epic battles so far, and some fierce rivalries have already developed despite the infancy of the company.’

O’Shea: ‘Damn right. We now apparently have 4 superstars deciding that they should be top dog in the company, although bizarrely only 3 of them are left in the tournament.’

Deloure: ‘Indeed Ronan. Two weeks ago we saw Destruktor standing tall over Der Hammer and Didier De’Salle, both of whom he had confronted the previous week, only for Polish competitor Jakub Dvorak to apparently throw his hat into the ring.’

O’Shea: ‘That guy has hardly set the world alight since he arrived here. He’s hardly said a word and all of a sudden he’s telling three of the biggest names on the roster he’s going to beat them to the Title. I’m gonna enjoy seeing him try to back his words up with action!’

Deloure: ‘Perhaps we will see more of the mild mannered Pole tonight! Episode 3 also brought us another chapter in the family feud developing between the Fuentes siblings of spain, and the Torvinis of Italy. Monica and Jose interrupted the all family match of Celia versus Marco Torvini, and now we have Celia in round 3! I can’t see them taking this lying down!’

O’Shea: ‘Too right! The most dominant family in EWS will surely have to strike back!’

Deloure: ‘Dominance is yet to be proven here Ronan. We also saw an apparently random attack by Ireland’s Natasha on Heikie Jones two weeks ago. Jones got some retribution last week, but I don’t think this one is over!’

O’Shea: ‘I agree. Natasha may be a good Irish lass, but she clearly has some mental stability issues. Something that doesn’t seem to be affecting Ivana!’

Deloure: ‘The Slovakian singer turned wrestler earned a win over injured Frenchman Jean-Francois Saure in her first ever match, and he didn’t seem to take it too well. Can she continue her unlikely streak tonight against Gianni Torvini?’

O’Shea: ‘Well, we’ll be finding out soon enough. The show is about to kick off, here comes Heikie Jones to get us underway.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Jones makes her way down to the ring, seemingly a bit preoccupied, perhaps looking out for Natasha. She enters the ring and enjoys the appreciation from the crowd.

Next out from the back is Jenny Lund, accompanied by compatriot and team mate Erik Gustavsson. She climbs up into the ropes with her usual enthusiasm and Gustavsson stands outside of the ring, arms folded.

The bell rings and the match is underway. Lund is on the offensive first, reversing a headlock into a smart looking suplex before bouncing off the rope for a tidy knee drop. Jones is pulled to her feet and hit with a DDT and Lund scores a near fall. Jones looks shell shocked as she clambers to her feet and is forced into the corner with a drop kick. Lund drives her shoulder into Jones’ midriff and ascends to the middle rope, looking for a chance to hit a monkey flip, but Jones is alive to the threat and after a jab to the gut, hits a forceful double handed choke drop. Both competitors are out on the mat, Gustavsson hammers on the apron to encourage Lund to her feet. The Swede is up first, just in time to notice Natasha hopping over the barrier and smashing Gustavsson over the back of the head with a chair!

Deloure: ‘What the heck is she doing here?!’

O’Shea: ‘Unbelievable, she is insane! She’s attacked one of the biggest men in EWS!’

With Gustavsson on the floor, Lund is distracted and Jones grabs her from behind for a roll up which the referee counts to 1..2.. and kick out! The crowd cheer in surprise as Lund is up to her feet. Jones looks for the spear but Lund leaps over her and lands split legged on the mat!

Deloure: ‘Amazing agility from Jenny Lund!’

O’Shea: ‘Wow, she is err…flexible.’

Deloure: ‘Don’t dribble on the desk O’Shea, it’s pathetic!’

Jones notices Natasha swinging for her with the chair but pushes herself off of the ropes in time to avoid the hit, but turns directly into Lund who hits her with the Hot Tub Hurt and covers for the 3!

O’Shea: ‘A win for the incredibly flexible Jenny Lund!’

Winner via pinfall: Jenny Lund @ 5:01

But it’s not over. As the referee raises Lund’s hand in victory, she is struck with a flying chair, knocking her to the mat. Natasha is in the ring and despite Jones’ best efforts, hits the German with the Fire Island! The referee tries to calm her down but is met with a swift forearm to the face and retreats. Natasha stands over the prone Jenny Lund but is alerted to the presence of an angry looking Erik Gustavsson by the cheers of the crowd.

O’Shea: ‘It looks like she’s pissed off the wrong Swede with that chair shot!’

Gustavsson glares at Natasha, but the Irish woman does not back down. She’s about to run at Gustavsson when she grins and tells him to look up at the ramp.

Deloure: ‘What is he doing here?’

Saure, still on his crutch is at the top of the ramp with Sagrinovich. He points to Gustavsson and the big Russian runs down to the ring, immediately going after the big Swede. Natasha, meanwhile, picks up the chair and hits Lund, who is getting to her feet, over the head before ejecting her from the ring over the top rope!

Deloure: ‘This is despicable!’

O’Shea: ‘I actually agree with you on this one…’

Sagrinovich, in the other corner, is going toe to toe with Gustavsson, the big men trying to wear each other down with fierce lefts and rights. The Russian manages to force Gustavsson into the corner and begins forcing him to the floor with heavy boots to the midsection. Saure, now down at ringside, applauds.

Natasha has Jones on her feet and…BANG…cracks her over the skull with the chair, and then drives it repeatedly into the German’s ribs as she lies defenselessly on the floor. She then grabs Sagrinovich by the arm. The Russian turns as if to attack but she smiles and hands him the chair!

Deloure: ‘Oh my god! Was this attack planned?!’

Sagrinovich smashes the prone Gustavsson with the chair over and over, leaving a trail of crimson rushing from his head. Natasha, meanwhile, has Jones locked in an ankle lock and is screaming at the top of her lungs. Jones is practically unconscious, as is Lund on the outside and Gustavsson in his corner. Saure decides now is the right time to enter the ring. Almost nothing can be heard over the vociferous boos from the crowd as he grabs a mic.

Saure: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, please, shut your stupid Romanian mouths!’

Deloure: ‘This guy really gives my country a bad name.’

Saure: ‘I told you all last week that I would not tolerate useless meat heads and bimbos in my wrestling company. And here, lying before you, is the proof. My boy Vita here was good enough to agree with me, and now we have one less meat head to worry about. And as for Natasha here…’

Natasha has finally released the ankle lock and has draped her cape over Jones’ body.

‘…she is clearly no bimbo. What you’re looking at here, ladies and gentlemen, is how things should be done. We are here to improve your product, so enjoy it – or go home.’

Saure drops the microphone before smashing his crutch over Gustavsson’s head, contorting it horribly. The crowd noise is unbelievable as the Russian and the Frenchman exit the ring and depart slowly up the ramp, Sagrinovich acting as the crutch now that the other one is ruined. Natasha exits through the crowd as EMTs rush down to the ring to help the three stricken competitors.

O’Shea: ‘That was the most horrid and brutal thing yet to hit the airwaves on EWS.’

Deloure: ‘And I for one hope we see nothing else like it, but something tells me that Saure will be back.’

O’Shea: ‘I share your concern on that one.’

The crowd applaud as Gustavsson and Lund are helped to the back by EMTs, but there is more muted concern in the air as Jones is loaded on to a stretcher and carried away.

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Seamus O’Neill is first out, closely followed by brother Jimmy.

O’Shea: ‘It seems all is well within the family again!’

Deloure: ‘It certainly does, despite their disagreement when Jimmy was knocked out in round 1 of the tournament’

The O’Neills play up to the crowd in the ring before the cheers turn to boos as Favier hits the top of the ramp.

Deloure: ‘The crowd clearly haven’t forgotten the particularly brutal way in which Favier dealt with his first round opponent, Stefanie Klinger.’

O’Shea: ‘Did he deal with her for good? She hasn’t been seen around here since that first match.’

Deloure: ‘Very crass Ronan.’

Jimmy takes up a position on the outside and the bell rings. Seamus and Favier lock up in the centre of the ring. O’Neill runs Favier into the ropes and hits a couple of open palmed chops to the chest before taking him to the mat with a fireman’s carry drop.

Deloure: ‘Favier is giving away nearly 90lbs to O’Neill in this one, and unfortunately for Favier, the big Irishman is pretty quick with it too.’

Favier is back to his feet and is back in the face of O’Neill, taking him down with a leg sweep before hitting a quick elbow drop. He continues to use his speed advantage to keep O’Neill on the mat and unable to recover. As O’Neill finally does manage to get to his feet, Favier takes him down with a DDT, and as he sits up, hits a double footed dropkick to the side of his head for a near fall. Jimmy hammers the apron as Seamus kicks out at 2.

Deloure: ‘Favier doing an efficient job of negating the power advantage of O’Neill so far.’

O’Shea: ‘O’Neill needs to focus here, he looks like he’s day dreaming out there.’

Favier has O’Neill on his feet, and hooks up a neat jawbreaker. O’Neill stumbles back but does not fall down. Favier looks to follow up with a clothesline but is met by a fearsome Down It from O’Neill!

O’Shea: ‘Is it really as simple as that?!’

O’Neill covers Favier for the 3 and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Seamus O’Neill @ 3:43

Jimmy slides into the ring to raise his brother’s arm in victory. A groggy Favier gets to his feet but stumbles backwards on to the ropes, needing them for support. He slumps down to the mat again as the O’Neills leave to great applause.

Jenny Lund is backstage. She opens the door to the medical room to check on Erik Gustavsson, who is flat out on a bed. She leans over him, shocked to see the amount of blood on his clothing.

Lund: ‘Erik, are you ok?’

Gustavsson: ‘I’ve been better!’

Lund: ‘What about your match later?’

Gustavsson attempts to get up but looks woozy before lying back down.

Gustavsson: ‘I’m sure it will be fine. How are you?’

Lund: ‘I’m ok, it’s going to hurt tomorrow though, that Irish psycho really did a number on me.’

Gustavsson: ‘I sense some issues there! Go and recover my dear, I’ll get myself ready for my match.’

Lund smiles and nods as she exits the medical room, only to come face to face with Natasha.

Lund: ‘You had better get out of my way, psycho.’

Natasha just smiles and brushes past her.

O’Shea: ‘Natasha just gets stranger and stranger. She really isn’t a true representation of the mental state of my country men!’

Deloure: ‘That remains to be seen Ronan! But I agree, her actions seem to have no real rhyme or reason to them, perhaps eventually she will reveal what’s running through her head, although I’m not sure how much detail I would like her to go into with that! Anyway, next up we see Gianni Torvini in the ring for the first time against Ivana, the competitor on the roster with the least wrestling experience.’

O’Shea: ‘And a 100% record don’t forget! Jean Francois Saure did not seem to be very happy with her involvement in EWS, doubly so after she beat him in her debut. Throw in the Torvini’s current ongoing battle with the Fuentes’ and this match could get very messy indeed!’

Deloure: ‘Something tells me that a messy match is inevitable here.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Ivana is first to the win, exploding down the ramp with feverish excitement to furious Europop and frantic crowd reaction. She runs around the ring, exchanging high fives and hugs with the front row before climbing into the ring and awaiting Gianni Torvini.

Torvini appears soon enough, flanked by his brother and sister, Marco and Celia. The trio head to the ring, and Gianni is quick to fulfil his role as mouthpiece for the family, grabbing the microphone.

G Torvini: ‘So this is Romania? It is every bit as bad as I imagined, do you people not have any self respect? This place is a crap hole!’

The crowd predictably responds by showing their anger with boos.

G Torvini: ‘Bah, be quiet. Just listen to me as I tell you what you’re going to see tonight. You’re going to see me take apart that little popstar over there, and you’re going to see my brother and sister on sentry duty, making sure that those Spanish pests do not interfere. They embarrassed this family two weeks ago, and they will not do this again.’

Torvini puts down the mic and the bell rings. Celia and Marco stand at ringside as Gianni aggressively begins the match by shoving Ivana to the floor. He runs her into the corner and slaps her in the face, before dragging her into the centre of the ring by her hair and dropping her with a facebuster. He goes for the pin and scores a two as the crowd boo loudly.

He pulls Ivana to her feet again and throws her against the ropes. As she rebounds, Marco grabs her feet, dropping her to the mat face first. The referee looks around but Marco simply shrugs his shoulders. Gianni drops and elbow and rolls Ivana over for the near fall. He lifts Ivana to her feet once more, and hits the Sicilian Surprise! He covers her for the 1…2…but lifts her head up off of the mat, showing his intention to truly punish the Slovakian. The crowd shows their disgust extremely vocally.

Marco and Celia get into it on the outside with a couple of fans as Gianni throws Ivana across the ring and straight into the ref! The official is down and Gianni looks to take advantage by locking Ivana in an STF, really wrenching away. The crowd start to go crazy though, as Monica and Jose Fuentes charge down the ramp!

They are met at the bottom of the ramp by Marco and Celia. Gianni notices what is happening and slides out of the ring to help them. Celia and Monica square off, Monica avoiding some vicious swings from Celia before DDTing her on the floor and throwing her over the barricade.

Jose, meanwhile, succumbs to the numbers and is being stomped viciously by Marco and Gianni. Monica looks to even up the score and spins Marco around, and the two of them begin to brawl. In the ring, Ivana is starting to stir, but is looking almost out of it on the mat. The crowd noise rises as a smiling Jean-Francois Saure appears at the top of the ramp, leaning on his crutch and standing beside Vita Sagrinovich!

O’Shea: ‘This really is getting very messy!’

Deloure: ‘I’m starting to think that we’re not going to get any straightforward wrestling tonight! This is ridiculous!’

As Saure hobbles down to the ring, Sagrinovich goes on ahead and slides in. He drops an elbow on the already down referee before throwing him over the ropes. He lifts Ivana to her feet, and Saure hobbles up the steps. He’s about to swing his crutch at her when Erik Gustavsson and Jenny Lund come flying down the ramp, passing the brawling Torvini’s and Fuentes’, and entering the ring.

Gustavsson grabs the crutch and cracks it over Saure’s head before being taken out with a big boot by Sagrinovich. Lund helps Ivana to her feet, but turns and is cut down with a Fire Island from Natasha, who has hopped over the barricade!

O’Shea: ‘I’m really beginning to lose track of what’s happening now…’

Deloure: ‘You’re not the only one! Gianni Torvini and Ivana are the actual competitors here, but they’ve taken up a backseat!

Natasha and Lund take it to the outside and Saure rolls out of the ring, seemingly dazed by the crutch shot to the head. Sagrinovich has Gustavsson forced into the corner and is laying into him with some serious shots. Jose Fuentes rolls Gianni Torvini back into the ring. They engage in lefts and rights before Fuentes gets the advantage by ducking a shot and dropkicking Torvini. On the outside, Celia Torvini clambers back over the barricade with a chair and winds up to hit Monica Fuentes with it, but the Spaniard moves out of the way and Marco Torvini takes the shot full on the head. Monica capitalises on Celia’s shock by hitting her with a DDT before rolling back into the ring.

Gustavsson is fighting back against Sagrinovich, but Saure gets up on the apron and grabs a hold of his arm. Sagrinovich looks for a big boot but Gustavsson sidesteps – Sagrinovich stops before hitting his French ally, but Jose Fuentes hits a dropkick to the back of the big Russian, pushing him into Saure and knocking him down from the apron. Sagrinovich turns and is helped over the top rope, courtesy of a double clothesline from Fuentes and Gustavsson. They high five as the crowd goes berserk.

On the outside, Lund has Natasha up against the barricade. She looks to clothesline her over it, but Natasha blocks her with a kick to the midsection before hopping over the barricade and disappearing into the crowd. Celia Torvini looks to enter the ring, but Monica Fuentes meets her on the apron. The two try to hit each other with forearms but both manage to evade the shots. Celia smiles but Lund grabs her legs from behind, dropping her face first on to the apron, again to rapturous cheers from the Romanian crowd! Lund climbs into the ring, and joins Monica Fuentes in stomping on the prone Gianni Torvini. Gustavsson motions for Jose Fuentes to climb to the top rope. As the volume rises yet more, he obliges and flies from the top turnbuckle, hitting Torvini with El Toreador!

Gustavsson and Jose Fuentes then exit the ring, and observe as Sagrinovich and Saure exit up the ramp, before standing between Celia and Marco Torvini and the ring. Lund and Monica Fuentes help Ivana, who is leaning in the corner, over to Torvini, and she smiles as she makes the cover. Fuentes and Lund then exit the ring and stir the referee, who slowly crawls under the bottom rope and, much to Marco and Celia’s disgust, counts the 3 for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Ivana @ 11:04

The Fuentes’, Lund and Gustavsson enter the ring to surround a jubilant Ivana, as Gianni is ejected. The Torvini’s back up the ramp, signalling to the people in the ring that they will pay.

Deloure: ‘Well, that was extraordinary. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it.’

O’Shea: ‘I’m in shock! A one on one match up that ended up featuring 10 different competitors! I’m pretty sure that if this keeps happening, management might have something to say.’

Deloure: ‘I agree, this really doesn’t help with fair competition.

Anna Morales is backstage with Polish competitor Jakub Dvorak, who announced his intentions to be Pan European Champion two weeks ago.

Morales: ‘So, Jakub, you surprised many two weeks ago in Bulgaria with your verbal interjection at the end of the show. You had been quietly going about your business until then, what made you speak out?’

Dvorak: ‘I had simply grown tired of the repetition I was seeing. Each week now, Der Hammer has come to the ring at the end of the show, displaying his muscle bound vulgarity before claiming to be the best. Destruktor and De’Salle do nothing but encourage him, and their petty skirmishes drove me to it. I wanted to show that there is room in this company for a well spoken and considered champion; I can be that man.

Morales: ‘It’s certainly an admirable stance to take, were you not tempted to get involved physically?’

Dvorak: ‘I will get involved when the time is right, but that was not last week. But rest assured, I will be there when the right time comes.’

Morales is about to ask another question when Der Hammer walks by.

Der Hammer: ‘Ah, the Polish pacifist. I will show you how and when to get involved, Mr Dvorak. Watch this.’

Der Hammer heads off, getting ready for his match with Erik Gustavsson.

Deloure: ‘Next up we will see two of the biggest athletes in the EWS face off.’

O’Shea: ‘We finally get the chance to see Der Hammer in the ring, and see if he can back up his bold words with actions.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Gustavsson is out first, with no Jenny Lund by his side. He pauses at the top of the ramp, and the crowd greet him warmly, taking into account his actions from earlier in the evening.

Deloure: ‘Gustavsson has been busy already tonight, but he really can’t be at 100% after all of the punishment he has taken.’

O’Shea: ‘He has shown a lot of resilience so far but I really don’t know if he has enough left to take on the monster that is Der Hammer.’

He starts to walk down the ramp but Der Hammer appears from behind the curtain and smashes him over the head with a chair! Der Hammer smiles wickedly as he lifts Gustvsson to his feet and runs him down the ramp and into the ring. The bell rings to signify the start of the match.

The cut on Gustavsson’s head has opened up again, and he stumbles awkwardly. Der Hammer shows incredible power by lifting him and hitting a ferocious Hammer Blow! Gustavsson has no chance of kicking out and the referee counts the 3!

Winner via pinfall: Der Hammer @ 0:46

Der Hammer leans over the rope and raises his hand to the sky, letting out a triumphant roar. The crowd are less than impressed.

O’Shea: ‘It looks like Gustavsson has paid the price for spreading himself too thin! Tried to be a goody goody and help everyone, but left himself open for that!’

Deloure: ‘Are you seriously suggesting that Erik Gustavsson deserved what just happened to him?’

O’Shea: ‘Perhaps not deserved, but he certainly opened himself up to the possibility of it happening.’

We’re backstage in the office of EWS Advisor, Simon Emerald. The camera pans around to reveal Company CEO and owner Marcus Lever sitting opposite him.

Lever: ‘So what do you think then Simon? Is there something to be done about this?’

Emerald: ‘I think it’s important to not be too hasty, we have to give Smith a chance first of all. I say we let the rest of the evening pan out, and see if anything else happens.’

Lever: ‘Well I’ll tell you this now, Simon. If a measure of control is not restored, I shall be taking it into my own hands. This cannot continue, this is not what I had in mind when I bankrolled this company.’

Emerald: ‘I understand, and we will fix this Marcus. If we have to take the next step, I have somebody in mind.’

Lever: ‘Ok, good. Thanks Simon.’

O’Shea: ‘I wonder what that was about?!’

Deloure: ‘It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out Ronan; I don’t think the boss is too impressed with how tonight has worked out so far, a little too much ‘mess’ for his liking.’

O’Shea: ‘You could be right, but who the hell is going to tell these guys what to do?’

Deloure: ‘It’s something that we will have to worry about later, we have another match now.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Ferraud is out first, and gets a warm reaction from the crowd. He awaits as the mysterious Ignacio Hierro joins him in the ring, having entered through the crowd. The bell rings to start us off.

Hierro jumps around the ring, but is soon caught by Ferraud, latching on to him with a series of arm and leg holds, really showing his technical prowess. Hierro manages to break free, lighting up Ferraud with a series of chops and pushing him through the ropes with a drop kick. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps down to the outside, only to be caught with a stiff shot to the ribs by Ferraud. Ferraud gets him back in the ring and forces him to the corner. He continues to work on the ribs with stiff shots and abdominal stretches. Hierro again fights back but is caught in mid flow with a devastating Godzilla from Ferraud. The referee counts it 1..2..3!

Winner via pinfall: Gilles Ferraud @ 4:35

Deloure: An efficient performance there from Gilles Ferraud to take out an Ignacio Hierro that looked very exciting in round 1!’

O’Shea: ‘Excitement does not trump efficiency though my dear, as shown here!’

Team Switzerland are backstage.

Giulietta: ‘Dude, I’m starting to get a bit bored of Eastern Europe.’

L’Enson: ‘Agreed, this place is just depressing. Everything is falling to pieces, there is nothing fun to do and they have no idea what luxury is.’

An attractive girl walks past.

Giulietta: ‘Are things looking up?’

L’Enson laughs.

L’Enson: No! C’mon man, we’ve spent all day looking for hotties, and we haven’t found any. Let’s go back to the hotel, at least there are hot people there.’

Giulietta: ‘There are?’

L’Enson: ‘Yeah, us.’

They smile and high five as they head off.

Back at ringside with Deloure and O’Shea.

Deloure: ‘Those guys are so up themselves!’

O’Shea: ‘So would you be if you were attractive Tamara!’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Jose Fuentes is first out on the ramp, joined by his sister Monica.

O’Shea: ‘Those two have a target on their backs!’

Deloure: ‘I assume you’re referring to the Torvinis?’

O’Shea: ‘Of course, they are going to be mad!’

Matthews walks down the ramp, showing the same sense of shyness and focus as he did in his first round match against Anna Pinot. The two competitors acknowledge each other, and are waiting for the bell. They look around, but it does not ring.

O’Shea: ‘Wait a minute, where’s the referee?’

Deloure: ‘Oh no.’

At the top of the ramp, Gianni Torvini appears, wearing a referee shirt. Jose Fuentes looks mad. Torvini enters the ring, and grabs a microphone.

Torvini: ‘Hello Jose, fancy seeing you here! You know, I wasn’t scheduled to be the referee for this match, but after a little friendly discussion, the original official decided he wanted a break!’

Deloure: ‘I wonder how friendly that discussion really was, I have my doubts.’

Torvini: ‘But don’t worry, I have no intention other than to call this one, right down the middle!

Torvini smashes Fuentes over the head with the microphone, the crowd boos horribly. Monica is up on the apron, but sprinting down the ramp come Marco and Celia Torvini.

Marco pulls Monica down from the apron and Mafia Kick from Celia! Marco is in the ring, Matthews goes to fight him off, but is spun around and hit with a Sicilian Surprise from Gianni! Marco sees Fuentes getting to his feet, and knocks him straight back down with a Pizza Cutter! Gianni drapes Matthews’ arm over the fallen Spaniard and slowly and deliberately counts the 3!

Deloure: ‘This is disgusting. Something needs to be done!’

O’Shea: ‘This is exactly what the Fuentes siblings did to the Italians. Fair is fair if you ask me.’

Deloure: ‘It’s a good job I wasn’t.’

Winner via pinfall: Chris Matthews @1:32

The Torvinis are celebrating in the ring as Simon Emerald takes to the stage.

Emerald: ‘Lap it up Torvini, lap it up. You should enjoy this while you can, because this out of line behaviour is not going to continue. In two weeks, you will see what I mean. You guys, and this goes for everybody in the back too, need to stick to the rules. I’ll be making sure you behave better from now on, trust me.’

And with that he turns to leave.

O’Shea: ‘Looks like you were right, the boss isn’t happy with the screwing around.’

Deloure: ‘I told you I was.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Deloure: ‘Welcome back folks, next up we see the debut of the big Spaniard, El Gato Grande, as he takes on Nesinho.’

O’Shea: ‘I’m excited about this, I really am. This big guy could be a real force in EWS.’

El Gato Grande is first out, making no attempt to interact with the crowd at all. He waits in the ring as Nesinho appears, jumping around excitedly and highfiving the fans around the entrance. He leaps into the ring but El Gato Grande cuts him off with a big boot straightaway and the bell rings for the match to begin.

Gato takes advantage of his early start and uses his power advantage early on. He hits the naturalised Czech athlete with a vicious delayed suplex and scores a near fall. He powers the smaller athlete into the ropes and ties him up, hitting several body shots before the referee hauls him away to release Nesinho.

Deloure: ‘The crowd aren’t too happy with the tactics employed by El Gato Grande so far…’

O’Shea: ‘I am, this is exactly the ruthlessness and power that I expected.’

Nesinho battles back, but is level with a sideslam. Gato gets him to his feet again and lifts him high above his head, then powering him down with a front slam!

O’Shea: ‘Amazing power!’

El Gato goes for the cover again, but Nesinho kicks out, much to his annoyance. He propels him against the ropes but telegraphs a body drop and Nesinho counters with a drop kick. He continues his assault, getting the big man rocking with a jumping calf kick and flying clothesline. He looks for a springboard corkscrew but…El Gato Grande catches him and delivers The Cream!

O’Shea: ‘Incredible!’

He covers Nesinho for the 1…2…3!

Deloure: ‘I have to admit, that was impressive. He showed an incredible amount of power there.’

Winner via pinfall: El Gato Grande @ 4:03

El Gato Grande heads to the back, and Nesinho gets warm applause as he climbs to his feet.

Deloure: ‘Well, with one match left from round 2, I think it’s time we take a look at what we have waiting for us in round 3 of the tournament.’

O’Shea: ‘Oh yes, we have lots of awesome matches to look forward to. Tamara has the details.’

Deloure: ‘Here’s how the matches look for round 3 of the Pan European Title Tournament, with one match left in round 2.

Miguel Conceicao (Portugal) v Natalya Onoreva (Russia)

Jakub Dvorak (Poland) v Destruktor (Greece)

Alex Hauser (Germany) v Davide Giulietta (Switzerland)

Celia Torvini (Italy) v Owen Nothin’ (Wales)

Jenny Lund (Sweden) v Seamus O’Neill (Ireland)

Ivana (Slovakia) v Der Hammer (Germany)

Gilles Ferraud (France) v Chris Matthews (England)

There is one more match tonight, and the winner from Ricky Van Awesome or Prince Frederic will go on to face El Gato Grande.’

O’Shea: ‘Well we won’t have too long to wait, because here comes Prince Frederic and his Royal Guard.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Frederic is in the ring, leaning nonchalantly against the corner turnbuckle, as his Royal Guard take up their position either side of the ramp.

O’Shea: ‘This looks familiar…’

Deloure: ‘I think the Royal Guard may well be up to mischief again.’

Van Awesome appears at the top of the ramp and walks slowly past the Royal Guard. They don’t touch him as he heads to the ring, and faces up with a smiling Frederic. The bell rings to signify the start of the match. Van Awesome strikes Frederic in the face, he falls backwards and immediately gets in the referees face, pointing to his eye and some apparent swelling.

Behind the referees back, however, the Royal Guard pull Van Awesome out of the ring under the bottom rope. They don’t assault him, but they form a barrier between him and the ring.

Frederic releases the referee, who orders Van Awesome back in the ring. He takes one look at the Royal Guard and decides against it, and turns to walk up the ramp!

O’Shea: ‘Van Awesome clearly doesn’t fancy a beating today!’

Deloure: ‘He really is a law unto himself!’

The referee has no choice but to count Van Awesome out!

Winner via count out: Prince Frederic @ 2:03

Deloure: Prince Frederic will face El Gato Grande in two weeks time!

Prince Frederic stands in the ring, looking happy with himself as Ricky Van Awesome disappears behind the curtain. A look of fear spreads across his face, however, as Van Awesome flies back from the behind the curtain, hitting the ramp with a thud.

O’Shea: ‘Oh boy, here we go again!’

Destruktor appears, the crowd boo. Prince Frederic is out of the ring and into the crowd, and the Royal Guard parts to let him through.

He enters the ring, mic in hand.

Destruktor: ‘You speak a good game Jakub Dvorak, but the bottom line is that you did not do anything last week. You stood there, spouting off as I stood tall over the broken bodies of Didier De’Salle and Der Hammer. You proved nothing. You…’

Destruktor is cut off mid sentence as Didier De’Salle appears from the crowd and they begin to brawl.

De’Salle forces Destruktor into the corner, and begins hammering down on him with lefts and rights before stomping him to the floor. The crowd roars in appreciation!

O’Shea: ‘Here comes trouble!’

Der Hammer is in the ring, he spins De’Salle around – low blow! De’Salle is hit with a DDT. Destruktor is up, he looks at Der Hammer – they both lay into De’Salle. Destruktor has him up, rolls him up for a powerbomb, Der Hammer assists and the ring shakes with the impact.

Deloure: ‘This two on one attack is cowardly.’

O’Shea: ‘Not much longer!’

O’Shea: ‘Dvorak is here!’

Polish Pride to Der Hammer! Dvorak and Destruktor start going at it, it’s all kicking off. De’Salle is on his feet and is taking on Der Hammer, forcing him on to the ropes. The two fighting couples break, and stand across the ring from each other, Dvorak and De’Salle staring down Destruktor and Der Hammer. The crowd roars is deafening, and everybody is focussed so much on the ring that nobody notices Miguel Conceicao!

He slides into the ring, chair in hand. All four competitors look at him and BAM, he takes Dvorak down with the chair. De’Salle approaches but Conceicao throws the chair in his face, and De’Salle is set upon by Destruktor and Der Hammer. Conceicao throws Dvorak out of the ring, and De’Salle is ejected as the three remaining men stare each other down.

O’Shea: ‘Is this yet another man throwing his hat into the ring for the Pan European Title?!’

Deloure: ‘Find out in two weeks time in Debrecen, Hungary! See you then folks!’

EWS Changes to Bi-Weekly Schedule

EWS Owner and Chief Executive Marcus Lever revealed today that EWS will now operate on a bi-weekly schedule. The planned EWS shows have been moved accordingly, and the new schedule published on the company website.

‘The EWS is a new company, and early shows have proved that logistics still need to be tweaked, and a bi weekly schedule will allow us to balance the books as we need to. The EWS is in no way facing financial hardship, and the quality of the product will not suffer.’

Lever was defiant with his closing statement to the press.

XSC Presents EWS Episode #3

EWS arrives in Samokov, Bulgaria with an explosion of fireworks and rock music. The Bulgarian fans go wild as Ronan O’Shea and Tamara Deloure head out from the back and down to their announce positions. They take their places and welcome the watching audience.

Deloure: ‘Welcome to EWS Episode Three, Ladies and Gentlemen. We are coming to you tonight from the Samokov Indoor Arena, Bulgaria.’

O’Shea: ‘Good evening folks, welcome to Bulgaria. This is my first trip here and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m excited.’

Deloure: ‘Does your excitement have anything to do with the wrestling this week? Or are you looking at the local females again?’

O’Shea: ‘I resent the implication that I’m only here to look at women. I look at the wrestling sometimes too!’

Deloure: ‘Anyway, last week on EWS we saw the completion of round 1 of the Pan European Title Tournament. Some unlikely victories and stunning upsets occurred, and this week we press on with the tournament.’

O’Shea: ‘Oh yes, Episode 2 saw a good week for our Swedish competitors, with both Jenny Lund and Erik Gustavsson through to round 2. It also saw a surprising victory for Slovakian competitor Ivana, and a falling out between the O’Neill brothers.’

Deloure: ‘Speaking of family, in an EWS first, Celia and Marco Torvini face off tonight for a place in round 3. Something suggests to me that this will not be a straightforward match.’

O’Shea: ‘I’m inclined to agree! However, on with the show and we start with Ryan Harvey of England squaring off against Miguel Conceicao of Portugal.

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Harvey makes his way to the ring, cutting a cocky figure as he swaggers up to the ring announcer, demanding a microphone.

Harvey: ‘Today is a red letter day people. You poor souls have been deprived of seeing me, the picture of perfection, the element of excellence, until now. You’ve been watching these sub-standard morons dribbling all over the ring and you’ve been applauding and cheering. You know why? Because you’re all morons too. Enjoy your education, retards.’

O’Shea: ‘Well, Harvey is apparently not here to make friends! Fair play to the lad.’

Deloure: ‘Fair play? Insulting the fans doesn’t seem to be the most intelligent way to get ahead in the business!’

O’Shea: ‘They have no impact on his in ring performance, he knows that. He’s a sharp one!’

Conceicao appears on the ramp and heads down to the ring, paying no attention to his surroundings whatsoever.

Deloure: ‘Here’s another glorious example to the young fans! Conceicao won the battle of the cheaters in episode 1, conning the referee in his bid to defeat Anto Vuckic.’

Harvey and Conceicao circle each other as the bell rings, and the bout begins. Harvey keeps his distance for the opening exchanges, adopting his boxing stance and slowly aggravating the Portuguese competitor more and more with his ‘hook and run’ tactics. Harvey seems to be enjoying winding Conceicao up, but after a couple of minutes the mood changes as Conceicao catches Harvey before he can get out of the danger area, knocking him to the mat with a fierce clothesline. Conceicao goes on the attack, hitting a brutal looking underhook back breaker and scoring a near fall. The Portuguese star continues his assault, executing a range of holds on Harvey, and needing more than a little encouragement from the referee to break the hold each time. Harvey manages to battle back, making the ropes to get out of an ankle lock before ducking a clothesline attempt and hitting a neckbreaker. He rallies himself, and knocks the bigger athlete into the corner with a dropkick before driving his knee into his opponent’s gut repeatedly. Conceicao staggers out of the corner, and Harvey gears up to hit him with his trademark rapid punches, by Conceicao evades and rolls Harvey up with a handful of tights for the 3!

Deloure: ‘Conceicao triumphs by bending the rules once again!’

O’Shea: ‘He’s efficient, I’ll give him that!’

Winner via pinfall: Miguel Conceicao @ 7:12

Conceicao raises a fist in victory before exiting as abruptly as he arrived. The crowd boo heavily as Harvey pulls himself to his feet. He grabs a microphone again.

Harvey: ‘You dare boo me after I was cheated out of victory?’

Harvey turns to the referee.

Harvey: ‘And you – how could you miss such obvious cheating?!’

Harvey throws the microphone at the referee and exits up the ramp, getting into a short confrontation with a teenage fan as he leaves.

Deloure: ‘A class act from England there.’

O’Shea: ‘Don’t look at me, I’m Irish!’

Some terrible Europop hits the arena PA as Ivana makes her way down to the ring.

The crowd react favourably as she takes her time, hugging some of those in the front row, and waving and blowing kisses as she enters the ring.

Deloure: ‘Ivana is clearly in Bulgaria’s good books!’

O’Shea: ‘I can understand why!’

Deloure: ‘I guess you’re not referring to her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn in the ring?!’

O’Shea: ‘Of course I am!’

Ivana grabs a mic and waits for the crowd noise to die down, before inciting even more;

Ivana: ‘Hello to all of my Bulgarian friends!’

The crowd roars in approval again.

Ivana: ‘I have come out here today to say hello, and voice my pleasure at being part of the EWS and a visitor to your wonderful country! 1 week ago, I wrestled in my first ever competitive match, and spurred on by fantastic supporters like every one of you – I won! I defeated a veteran wrestler, Jean-Francois Saure, and progressed to round 2 of the Pan European Championship Tournament! Can I win the tournament? Maybe!’

O’Shea coughs loudly.

Deloure: ‘Harsh!’

O’Shea: ‘True!’

Ivana: ‘So to celebrate with you wonderful people, I am going to sing you a song from my new album!’

Before the music starts, a gruff French voice is heard from the stage.

Saure: ‘No you’re not.’

Deloure: ‘I had a feeling that he would show up! He’s a sore loser.’

Saure stands on stage, supported by a crutch and holding a microphone.

Saure: ‘You pathetic little girl. You horrid bubblegum wrestling whore cliché!’

O’Shea: ‘Even I think that’s a little harsh!’

Saure: ‘You are a shining example to these Bulgarian morons of what exactly is wrong with professional wrestling today. Congratulations on defeating a one legged Frenchman several years your senior last week, what a thrilling achievement it is.’

Ivana: ‘But…’

Saure: ‘Oh be quiet. You come out here to pedal your latest hideous album to these unsuspecting simpletons, and have the cheek to suggest that you might progress further in this tournament. You have already progressed far further in this business than your talent allows, and I am here to once again state that I will be making sure frauds like you do not ruin the European Wrestling Society. You will pay for what you have done, you can count on it.’

Ivana: ‘I’m not scared of you! Why don’t you come down here and have a dance with me?!’

Saure snorts in disgust and drops the microphone on the floor with an amplified thud as he turns to leave, and Ivana launches into a fearsome rendition of her latest single.

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Natalya Onoreva makes her way out to the ring to generous applause from the crowd. She looks focussed on her debut match, having received a bye to round 2 of the Tournament.

McCallister, the victor over Scott L’Enson of Switzerland in round 1, is less than warmly greeted by the crowd after his rant against the bold and the beautiful 2 weeks ago. He stomps angrily into the ring and grabs a microphone.

McCallister: ‘You can boo me all you like, I don’t give a cabre toss. You can just sit there in your comfy seats as I ugly up this little dolly.’

Deloure: ‘Charming.’

The bell rings and the match is on. McCallister is straight on the case, looking to hammer home his physical advantage. Despite Onoreva proving to be spritely, and starting the offense with some strong shoulder blocks, McCallister is unmoved and traps Onoreva long enough to plant a fierce headbutt on her, knocking her to the ground. McCallister mercilessly stomps about the head and neck of Onoreva, who tries to cover up but is unable to. McCallister lifts Onoreva roughly to her feet and launches her into the corner. He hits her hard with successive shoulder charges, and as she stumbles out of the corner he hits a vicious sit out powerbomb, leaving her gasping for breath. McCallister lazily goes for the cover but is stunned, as is the audience, when Onoreva kicks out at 2. McCallister slams his fist into the mat and drags Onoreva up by her hair. He hooks her arms and readies himself to deliver the Cabre Toss, but Onoreva wriggles free. The crowd screams as she rears up and hits McCallister with the Moscow Mule! The big man stumbles backwards into the ropes, and Onoreva looks to push him over the top with a clothesline. McCallister catches the Russian with a big boot to the face however, and hoists her up for a successful Cabre Toss.

Onoreva looks almost unconscious, and McCallister covers her, counting with the referee. The count stops at 2, however, as Onoreva drapes her leg over the bottom rope. McCallister goes crazy and headbutts the referee! The bell rings to disqualify the giant Scot as he throws the referee out of the ring, before picking Onoreva up and hitting her with another brutal Cabre Toss. Several referees run down to the ring to prevent him inflicting anymore punishment on the Russian, and the first couple are dispatched with big boots and clotheslines, before McCallister seemingly gets bored and retreats.

Onoreva, meanwhile, her face bloodied from a boot to the face, lies on the canvas and is tended to by medical staff. After a few tense and quiet moments, the crowd begins to applaud as Onoreva is lifted to her feet and helped out of the arena. She defiantly turns at the top of the ramp and raises a hand before turning and making her exit.

Winner via DQ: Natalya Onoreva @ 6:32

Deloure: ‘An extraordinary show of toughness from Natalya Onoreva there.’

O’Shea: ‘She wouldn’t have got hurt if she hadn’t kept kicking out of pins. She is a brave woman though!’

Anna Morales is backstage with EWS Wrestling Consultant Tony Smith, who is holding a title belt.

Morales: ‘Hi Tony, may I ask what title it is that you’re carrying?’

Smith: ‘Hi Anna. This is the new EWS Television Title. As recently announced via our website, this belt will soon be up for grabs and is designed to be defended regularly on EWS Television.’

Smith holds the belt up to the screen.

Morales: ‘Fantastic! So when can we expect to see this belt competed for on EWS Television for the first time?’

Smith: ‘I’m glad you asked me that! This fantastic looking belt is scheduled to be fought for on EWS Episode 6, which will be from the Samsung Arena in Bratislava, Slovakia, on December 18th. It will be a six person match, and to choose the competitors, we will be picking three random matches from the cards of episodes 4 and 5 – while the winners of these matches will progress in the Pan European Title Tournament, the losers will be entered into the six person match for the TV Title.’

Morales: ‘That’s great news! Well, thank you for your time Tony!

Smith: ‘A pleasure.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Burns is first out of the curtain, bouncing around excitedly as he heads towards the ring. He even takes the time to sign a couple of autographs before he climbs into the ring.

Deloure: ‘Burns is looking pumped up here tonight!’

O’Shea: ‘I’ve heard a lot about Burns and his ‘alternative lifestyle’ so I think I could take a few guesses as to where he gets his energy from!’

Dvorak is next out on to the ramp and receives generous applause. He accepts the welcome from the crowd but remains focussed on the ring as he heads down to where Scampy is waiting. He enters the ring and peels off his Polish tracksuit top before the bell rings and the bout begins.

Dvorak begins aggressively driving Burns against the turnbuckle and laying into him with a series of chops. Burns yells in pain as Dvorak continues to light his chest up, before pulling out of the corner and levelling him with a reverse elbow. Burns is quick to his feet, and manages to block a couple of forearms before being knocked to the mat again with a knee to the gut and a club to the back. Dvorak is in control of the bout now, and hits a pancake and a big back body drop on Burns before scoring a near fall. Burns is tossed to the corner like a rag doll, but manages to duck out of the way of an attempted shoulder charge, launching Dvorak into the ring post and saving him from the impact. Burns takes the opportunity, lifting Dvorak’s legs and kicking him in the gut, being warned by the referee about a possible low blow in the process. Burns continues to dominate, hitting some acrobatic manoeuvres on Dvorak, taking him down with lariats and dropkicks before scoring a near fall with a second rope leg drop. And then the lights dim…

O’Shea: ‘What the hell?! Have the Bulgarians forgotten to pay the power company?’

Deloure: ‘Very dry Ronan.’

Smoke fills the stage, which is bathed in a light blue glow. A hooded figure stands there and in a deep and unmistakable voice utters the word ‘Buuuuurns.’

O’Shea: ‘Vampo! What a freaky Dutchman!’

Burns is distracted by the on stage spectacle, and turns directly in to the Polish Pride! Dvorak nearly breaks him in half and covers for the three!

Winner via pinfall: Jakub Dvorak @ 5:16

Deloure: ‘The distraction helps Dvorak to the win!’

O’Shea: ‘That guy is just weird…’

Deloure: ‘Well ladies and gentlemen, as you know, the EWS is a proud member of the Championship Wrestling Council, and next weekend is Episode 12 of what has been a great year in the CWC.’

Live from the Middle of Nowhere Arena, NV
November 27th, 2010

Match 1
Pure Challenge – CWC Showcase Championship
Alexia(c) (VWF) vs. Tweeder (PWX)
— Tweeder makes his long awaited CWC debut against the sultry Showcase Champion.

Match 2
Fatal 6 Way – CWC Turkey Bowl
Joey K vs. Trey Willett (SHOOT) vs. Scott DiBiase (VWF) vs. Aaron Rupp (TGW) vs. Alex Brooks (SHOOT) vs. TD Alexander (VWF)
— The first ever CWC turkey bowl, the name of the game is not losing. The winner earns a $10,000 purse, while the loser becomes the CWC turkey!

Match 3
Single – CWC Hardcore Championship
Jeremiah Belmont (PWX) vs. Brandon Watkins (PWR)
— Brandon Watkins was victorious over Belmont at Destiny, can he strike twice, this time for gold?

Match 4
Tag Team – #1 Contenders Match
Alexander StarrZoe and Devon Chaney (PrYde) vs. Lucy Johnson and First Degree (CWA)
— In our first of two #1 Contendership matches tonight, Lethal Attraction takes on Starr and The Rage.

Match 5
Single – No DQ
Typhoon Vance (VWF) vs. Black Death w/MDK (PWR)
— At Destiny, MDK screwed Typhoon Vance in his match. Now Vance looks for revenge, but first he has to go through MDK’s partner, AND one of the ninja’s…Black Death

Pre-Main Event
Single – CWC North American Championship
Thatcher Rex (X3) vs. Emma McIntyre (CWA)
— Emma McIntyre makes her long awaited return to CWC, and she hopes to make it a victorious one.

Main Event
Triple Threat – Special Referee – #1 Contendership
Tyler Graves (VWF) vs. Rick Rampage vs. Cobra (6CW)
Special Referee: Jinx
— Three men vying for some World Championship action have to go through each other…and the Champ, who is the referee. Will Jinx call it down the middle? Or will he simply hand select his opponent himself?

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

O’Shea: ‘Well this should be an interesting bout. Destruktor is a monster, but as Natasha revealed last week, she is crazy!’

Deloure: ‘I hope her unbalanced nature isn’t an indication of what happens to all of the Irish!’

O’Shea: ‘Well, you can never be sure! Destruktor is going to have to be aware coming into this fight. Natasha sprung a surprise with her brutal attack on Heikie Jones last week.’

Deloure: ‘I would say that her size and weight disadvantage should mean that she has no chance, but as you know, that doesn’t always work out to be the case!’

Natasha appears at the top of the ramp and heads down to the ring in a trance, showing no reaction to the loud boos emanating from the Bulgarian Crowd.

O’Shea: ‘Well at least she’s popular!’

Destruktor doesn’t fair much better in terms of audience reaction, but he looks amused by the size of his opponent as he enters the ring to start the fight. The bell rings and they’re underway.

Natasha runs at Destruktor, screaming and wildly flailing her arms and catching him in the face several times. She jumps up and tries to mount him but Destruktor pushes her back with a lot of force, sending her flying across the ring. She gets up again though, and launches for him again, but is met with a boot to the face, splitting open her lip. This only seems to make her more mad.

O’Shea: ‘She is insane! I love it!’

Natasha lurches towards Destruktor, clawing at him and lashing out with every limb. He blocks her wild attempts to strike him in the face and, seemingly having had enough, he pulls her in and up before slamming her to the mat with the Smash! The Double powerbomb is followed by the pin and the three count.

Destruktor looks satisfied at his work and leaves, telling the crowd that he will be Pan European Champion, before disappearing behind the curtain.

Winner via pinfall: Destruktor @ 2:23

Natasha slowly rises to her feet, looking very unsteady. She turns to leave the ring but is greeted by the sight of Heikie Jones tearing down the ramp towards her!

Deloure: ‘Jones is obviously here to retaliate for what happened last week!’

Jones, carrying the cloak that Natasha left draped over her prone body last week, slides into the ring. Natasha backs off a couple of steps but Jones throws the cloak at her and takes her down with a spear. She gets on top of Natasha and hits her in the face with lefts and rights. Natasha fights back, managing to roll on top and hit some shots of her own, but Jones once again reverses the momentum. A group of EWS backstage staff head down to the ring and separate the girls, although Natasha breaks free and lands a couple more shots before being subdued and escorted out of the ringside area.

O’Shea: ‘That was intense!’

Deloure: ‘It certainly was. We still have no idea why Natasha attacked Heikie Jones in the first place, but it seems Jones has decided not to take it lying down!’

O’Shea: ‘Although that paints an interesting picture in the mind!’

Deloure: ‘That’s enough out of you Mr O’Shea! Next up is Alex Hauser of Germany facing up against Vita Sagrinovich of Russia, but before that, let’s have a look a quick rewind to EWS Episode number 1, and what happened when Marco Torvini of Italy faced Stathis Lamanitis of Greece.

EWS Rewind – Episode #1, Saturday November 6th 2010 from Verona Italy

Pan European Title Tournament Round 1 Match

Marco Torvini hits the ramp, closely followed by Gianni and Celia. He smiles as he nonchalantly enters the ring and waits for Stathis Lamamitis. The Greek ladies man emerges and saunters to the ring, kissing the hands of a few females fans before winking at Celia as he climbs through the ropes. Celia holds Gianni back.

The match starts off slow, Lamanitis seemingly more focussed on Celia Torvini than Marco. Marco grabs his attention with a succession of arm drags, Lamanitis counters with some arm drags of his own and a nice standing senton for a near fall. Torvini hits back by slowing the bout down, locking in some armbars and leg locks, culminating in Lamanitis grasping for the ropes to escape a figure four. Lamanitis shows his resilience though, by fighting back up to a vertical base and connecting with an enziguiri and some perfect drop kicks. He looks to end it by going up top, but Celia distracts the referee as Gianni pushes him face first from the top turnbuckle. Marco manages to bring himself to his feet before connecting with the pizza cutter for the 3.

Winner: Marco Torvini via pinfall @ 4:17

Gianni and Celia enter the ring, and Gianni takes the microphone. He tells the Verona crowd that they haven’t had the leadership of a good family for far too long. They react badly. He tells them that the most fearsome bond is that between family, and that the EWS should be prepared to bow down to the most superior family in wrestling – the Torvinis. Marco and Celia begin congratulating him on his speech, but are interrupted by Jose and Monica Fuentes, telling the Italians that they know nothing about family honour, and that they will never amount to anything in the EWS. Gianni and Marco beckon them to the ring to prove it, but out steps Simon Emerald, EWS advisor. He says he loves family feuding, it brings in the ratings, and that means money. But this isn’t the time or the place. He officially announces that, at the conclusion of the Pan European Title Tournament, we will see the Fuentes’ facing the Torvinis in a family feud match. He reminds them who pays their wages and tells them to behave before exiting.

Deloure: ‘It will be interesting to see if anything comes from this as Celia and Marco Torvini face off against each other tonight in an all family affair. I find it hard to believe that Gianni Torvini won’t be involved.

O’Shea: ‘So do I. But the most dominant family in EWS rolls as a unit, it’s how they maintain their superiority.’

Deloure: ‘If you say so!’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Hauser is first out, sprinting to the ring before showing great agility and prowess with a series of martial arts style moves in the ring to a great reception from the crowd.

Deloure: ‘This is the first we’ve seen of Alex Hauser on EWS  Television. I have to say that Hauser is definitely one of the good guys of wrestling, he is truly one of the nicest people I have met in the business.’

O’Shea: ‘Nice guys finish last I’m afraid, especially when faced with 321lbs of Russian muscle!’

Sagrinovich lumbers down to the ring, taking the time to taunt a child in the front row, before entering, getting very close to Hauser and looking intimidatingly over him. Hauser smirks as the bell rings and the match is underway.

It begins as a typical big man v little man match should, as Hauser proves elusive, attacking Sagrinovich with a couple of dropkicks, and flooring him with a springboard arm drag. Sagrinovich is chasing shadows as an ill advised clutch at Hauser results in a sit out jawbreaker. The follow up cross body, however, sees Sagrinovich catching Hauser. Despite Hauser thrashing about, trying to break free, Sagrinovich hits a monstrous fall away slam, propelling Hauser across the ring so hard that he rolls out underneath the bottom rope.

O’Shea: ‘Amazing power from Sagrinovich! He tossed Hauser out like yesterdays newspaper!’

Sagrinovich steps over the top rope and heads down to the outside. He lifts Hauser to his feet and lifts him fully above his head!

Deloure: ‘Sagrinovich is really proving how a size and strength advantage can be a great weapon in, and out, of the wrestling ring here!’

The Russian drops Hauser down on to the barricade midriff first, driving the wind out of him, before ramming his head hard on to the same surface. The crowd does not enjoy watching this and vociferously voices their opinion. Sagrinovich rolls Hauser back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Hauser kicks out at 2. As he is lifted to his feet, the German tries to fight back, but his resurgence is halted with a knee to the gut and a fierce gut wrench powerbomb. Again Sagrinovich goes for the cover but has to watch Hauser kick out at 2 once more.

Deloure: ‘This is a resilient showing from the cruiserweight.’

O’Shea: ‘I’m sure that with the ferocity of these hits, Hauser should be dead by now!’

Sagrinovich lifts the stricken Hauser to his feet, propelling him into the ropes and knocking him down to the floor with a big boot. Another cover and 2 count, and Sagrinovich looks frustrated. He lifts Hauser up and sets him for the Iron Curtain. As he prepares to launch Hauser into the turnbuckle, the German manages to swing his body and hit a hurracanrana, propelling Sagrinovich straight into the turnbuckle face first. Hauser hits a leg sweep on the stunned Russian as he stumbles backwards, before jumping on to the top turnbuckle and looking for the Wunderfall! He adjusts mid flight though, and lands on his feet, seeing that Sagrinovich had hit knees up. Sagrinovich climbs to his feet but is hit by a dropsault, causing him to stumble back into the corner. Hauser sprints at him, climbing rapidly up the turnbuckles and landing several forearm blows to the Russians face. Sagrinovich comes out swinging, but Hauser easily evades, taking him down with a bulldog. He jumps on to the top turnbuckle and this time hits the Wunderfall for the 3 count and a great victory!

Deloure: ‘An amazing performance there from Alex Hauser!’

O’Shea: ‘I honestly didn’t think that he would make it! Fair play to the lad, he came back from the dead to win this one!’

Winner via pinfall: Alex Hauser @ 9:38

Deloure: ‘The EWS is taking a break next week folks, but returns in two weeks time with Episode #4!’

O’Shea: ‘That’s right. In two weeks time, on Saturday December 4th, EWS will visit the Polivalenta Indoor Arena in Bucharest, Romania, where Episode #4 will host the completion of Round 2 of the Pan European Title Tournament. The field will be cut down to 16, and this is what episode #4 has to offer!’

Heikie Jones (Germany) v Jenny Lund (Sweden)

Seamus O’Neill (Ireland) v Loic Favier (Belgium)

Gianni Torvini (Italy) v Ivana (Slovakia)

Der Hammer (Germany) v Erik Gustavsson (Sweden)

Gilles Ferraud (France) v Ignacio Hierro (Spain)

Jose Fuentes (Spain) v Chris Matthews (England)

El Gato Grande (Spain) v Nesinho (Czech Republic)

Ricky Van Awesome (Holland) v Prince Frederic (Monaco)

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

The ‘Icelandic Terror’ Kristian Torvursson heads down to the ring, mic in hand.

Torvursson: ‘I’ll keep this short so that you monkeys can understand; The real deal is finally here. I may represent the smallest country in EWS….’

Deloure: ‘Prince Frederic of Monaco would beg to differ!’

Torvursson: ‘…but I’m going to show each and every one of you that the Icelandic Terror is here to be the best. You won’t like me, and you won’t enjoy watching me win, but you will have no choice but to bow to my brilliance.’

He hands the microphone to the referee and Davide Giulietta appears on stage with tag team partner Scott L’Enson. Both have mics.

L’Enson: ‘And I thought Italy was bad. Have you people even looked in a mirror? Bulgaria is not a pretty place.’

Giulietta: ‘Woah, Scott. At least sometimes you can disguise a lack of natural beauty by dressing fashionably.’

L’Enson: ‘True.’

Giulietta: ‘Unfortunately the Bulgarians have not mastered this art.’

L’Enson: ‘Also true.’

Giulietta: ‘And as for the ‘Icelandic Terror.’ Dude, mullets are out, your ass is about to follow them.’

The two head down the ramp, and L’Enson takes up a position at ringside as the bell rings and Giulietta and Torvursson lock up. Torvursson gets the early advantage, taking Giulietta to the mat with a fireman’s carry drop, before taking a punt at the base of his back, leaving Giulietta howling in agony. The Icelander lifts Giulietta to his feet and scores a couple of running knees to the midriff before hitting an amazing tilt a whirl backbreaker. He goes for the cover but, spurred on from the encouragement of L’Enson at ringside, Giulietta kicks out at 2. Torvursson is to his feet quickly and hits a few angry stomps on the chest of the Swiss competitor. He lifts Giulietta to his feet and slings him against the ropes. Giulietta halts his momentum by holding on to the top rope, and seeing an opportunity, Torvursson charges forward with the intention of hitting a shoulder block to Giulietta’s midriff. Giulietta manages to move out of the way, stumbling awkwardly into the referee, and L’Enson reaches up and cracks Torvursson over the head with a vicious forearm. Torvursson is taken by surprise and spins around, directly into a Swiss Army Knife from Giulietta. The ref drops down and counts the 1…2…3!!

Winner via pinfall: Davide Giulietta @ 3:14

Torvursson is on his feet quickly and starts complaining to the referee as the Swiss pair beat a hasty retreat up the entrance ramp.

Deloure: ‘Giulietta has stolen this one with help from L’Enson!’

O’Shea: ‘I call that effective team work!’

Deloure: ‘I would expect nothing less from you Ronan!’

Vita Sagrinovich is sitting in his locker room backstage, drinking from a bottle of water.

There is a knock at the door.

Sagrinovich: ‘Come.’

The door slowly opens and Jean-Francois Saure enters awkwardly with his crutch.

Saure: ‘Bad luck on tonight’s performance.’

Sagrinovich: ‘What do you want, Frenchman?’

Saure: ‘I am simply here to offer you an opportunity, my friend.’

Sagrinovich: ‘I was not aware of our friendship.’

Saure: ‘Perhaps a success for us would strengthen our bond.’

Sagrinovich: ‘Come in and sit down. I’m listening.’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

The Torvinis; Marco, Gianni and Celia, appear together at the top of the ramp. Gianni Torvini is wearing a referees shirt.

O’Shea: ‘It’s not often you see both competitors and the referee all enter the ring together and on friendly terms!’

The Torvinis hit the ring and Gianni takes a microphone.

G Torvini: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see, I am the referee for this bout between my brother and sister.’

As Torvini speaks, stagehands are setting up a table and two chairs in the centre of the ring.

G Torvini: ‘As such, which of my siblings progresses to round 3 of the Pan European Title Tournament will be decided by 3 hands of blackjack.’

The crowd boos heavily as Marco and Celia take their seats, and Gianni pulls a deck of cards from his pocket.

G Torvini: ‘Ok, the first hand goes to Marco.’

Gianni deals the 2 of hearts.

M Torvini: ‘Twist’.

Gianni deals the 10 of diamonds. Marco is about to say something when Gianni notices Monica and Jose Fuentes tearing down the ramp to the ring.


They fly into the ring and Jose takes down Gianni with a running neckbreaker, and Monica catches Marco as he stands, putting him through the card table with a bulldog. The crowd go wild.

O’Shea: ‘This is one of the most exciting card games I’ve ever seen!’

Gianni is back on his feet and exchanging rights with Jose, while Monica catches Celia with a drop toe hold, leaving her leaning on the second rope and a prime target for the Hispaniola! Celia and Marco are down, and just as Gianni seems to be getting the upper hand, Jose slams hit with a DDT. Monica keeps him in place while Jose heads to the top rope and hits the El Toreador! The crowd is going berserk as Monica drapes Celia over Marco, and Jose lifts Gianni’s hand and hit’s it on the mat as the crowd shout in unison 1…2…3!

Deloure: ‘This is certainly not how this match was shaping up to begin with!’

O’Shea: ‘No it isn’t! The Fuentes’ have made a real statement about who is the dominating family in EWS here!

Winner via pinfall: Celia Torvini @ 3:01

Morgan Schieber is backstage with compatriot Der Hammer, set to make his in ring debut at EWS Episode #4.

Schieber: ‘Mr Hammer, how excited are you about finally getting in the ring?’

Der Hammer: ‘The Swedish guy I’m against has no chance, I will destroy him.’

Schieber: ‘And what about your confrontations with Didier De’Salle and Destruktor.’

Der Hammer: ‘I am not concerned about them. Any idiot can use a chair, and that stupid Greek is just a big fool. He has no intelligence, and I will show him how a thinking strong man can dominate his sport. Goodbye.’

Der Hammer walks away.

Schieber: ‘Ok, I guess it’s back to ringside!’

Pan European Title Tournament Round 2 Match

Nothin’ is first out to the ring, enjoying a positive reaction from the Bulgarian crowd. Vampo, shrouded in mist and wearing a black cloak is out next. The Bulgarians are clearly unsure of what to make of him.

O’Shea: ‘I really hope that all Dutch people are not like this…’

Deloure: ‘Well when Ricky Van Awesome debuts in two weeks we’ll find out!’

The match gets underway, and Vampo uses his height and weight advantage well to nulify Nothin’s enthusiastic attack with some solid hold wrestling, using armbars, leg locks and abdominal stretches to great effect. Nothin’ fights back though, ducking a clothesline and sweeping Vampo’s legs to send him to the mat, before hitting a standing senton splash. The Dutchman is back to his feet quickly, however, and on the attack. He focusses on the midriff of Nothin’ driving the air out of him with a superb gut wrench powerbomb, and scoring a near fall.

He gets Nothin’ to his feet and slings him against the ropes as Scampy Burns is seen heading down the ramp!

Deloure: ‘I think we might be seeing a little payback here!’

Nothin’ grabs hold of the ropes to stop his momentum. Vampo lunges towards him but Burns gets up on the apron and holds a crucifix in the face of Vampo! The Dutchman shields his eyes and stumbles backwards. Nothin’ takes advantage for a quick roll up and the 3!

Winner via pinfall: Owen Nothin’ @ 3:53

Nothin’ celebrates briefly before noticing the giant Der Hammer walking down the ramp.

O’Shea: ‘I think Nothin’ may be getting a sense of deja vu here!’

Deloure: ‘I’m sure that he hasn’t forgotten what happened on episode #1 when Der Hammer laid waste to him after his match.’

Burns is chased up the ramp by Vampo, and the two just run by Der Hammer, who seems focussed on the ring. Nothin’ doesn’t move, he stares back at the big man and then….beckons him into the ring!

O’Shea: ‘Is he mad?! There’s no way he can take Der Hammer!’

The German smiles and enters the ring, and Nothin’ is on him. The crowd roars as he attacks wildly, using quick kicks and punches to force Der Hammer into the corner. He climbs the turnbuckle and starts landing blows to the German’s head but his fourth blow is blocked, and the German grabs him by the neck before slamming him to the mat with a vicious Hammer Blow!

Deloure: ‘Great courage from Nothin’, but perhaps not the wisest move!’

O’Shea: ‘Down right stupid if you ask me.’

The German giant looms over Nothin’s still body and is about to lift him when Didier De’Salle hops the guard rail and flies into the ring! The crowd are insane as the two exchange fierce rights and lefts.

De’Salle looks to hit the Legendary, but Der Hammer palms him away. Their attention is drawn to the ramp however, where Destruktor is lumbering down!

The big Greek athlete climbs over the top rope, and the three stare at each other, about to square off when a loud cough is heard from the stage. Jakub Dvorak stands there, mic in hand.

Dvorak: ‘Well done all of you, well done. You think this weekly bravado is going to win you the title?! I’m afraid not! I will be there at the end, you can count on that. Der Hammer? You talk about having intelligence?! You make this Polish man laugh! It’s far more intelligent to be standing where I am, watching my competitors beat the hell out of each other, than it is to be standing where you are, about to be destroyed by Didier De’Salle!’

On cue, Der Hammer turns and is hit with The Legendary! The crowd erupt, but break into loud boos when De’Salle in turn is picked up by Destruktor, hitting the Smash. Destruktor says nothing, and just stares at Dvorak. He lets out a terrifying roar that seems to have Dvorak questioning himself slightly. The show ends with the two men left standing locked on to each other’s gaze.

Deloure: ‘Thanks for tuning in, see you in two weeks!’